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Exercise will help a youug man to lead a chaste life. Metal will rust if not used, and the body will become diseased if not exercised. Any man who does not take time for exercise will probably have to take time to be ill. Exercise gradually increases the physical powers and leaves more strength to resist sickness. Varied, light and brisk exercise, next to sleep, will rest the tired brain better thau anything else. Body and mind are both gifts, and for the proper use of them our Maker will hold us responsible. Plato called a man lame because he exercised the mind while tbe body was allowed to suffer. A sound body lies at the foundation of all that goes to make life a success. Exereise will help to give it. Exercise will do your body what intellectual trainius will do for your mind edĂșcate and strt'.ngthen it. A man "too busy" to take care of hi 4 bealth is like aworkman too busy to en bis


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