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The Charity Ball An Assured Success

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That the charity ball will be a de cided success is now assured. Every detail is being carefully arranged by the various committees. Masonic hall, which has been kindly offered by the different masonic bodies, is excellently arranged for entertaining a large crowd, as the recent KnightsTemplars' reception demonstrated that fully 600 persons could be assernbled in their hall without crowding, and the comraodious parlors will furnish abundent room for those who desire to go and not dance. The hall is being beautif ully i rated and the refreshment mittee is making arrangements to ' attend to the dancers' wants in this direction. At least 300 tickets should be sold, as in no way can more be done :or the needy. The committees have been chosen with special reference to making this a general charity ball and it should be attended by both merchants, citizens, University proffessors and students, for where charity is the object, there should be none to stand back or hesitate. There will be no expenses ami the total receipts will go to the cause for which this ball is to be given While it was first voted that half the receipts should go to the northern sufferers and half to the deserving poor of the city, it now seems probable that most of the fundswill remain in this city. Let every one buv a ticket.


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