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JDqYou" lUseSaSt? Xt will pay you in nnmerous wayB to use the slt that' all alt. This is especially true as to the butter maker. You recogulze a dlfference in butter. We can point you out a difíerence in salt. You strive for the best milk, why not seareh for the best salt? Test, compare, ask questions. Investígate wfiat Diamond Crystal Dairy Salt has done for others. There's no secret about it. Write and get partlcnlars. We grant that salt is cheap, but is tnat a good reason why you should not have the best? Look fairly and fully into the salt question, and you'll flnd the way to better flavored butter, and better prices through our üairy Salt. Indispensable for cooking and table use also. Write us about it. DIAMOND CRYSTAL SALT CO., 5t. Clair, Alich. Unie the Dutch Process tNo Malies Otber Chemicals are used in the preparation of W. Baker k Gos Breakfast Cocoa, which is dbsolutely pure and soluble. It has mpre than ihree times the strength of Cocoa mixed vrith Starch, Arrowroot ot Sugar, and is far more economical, costing less than one cent a cup. It is delicious, nourishing, and basilt BIGBSTBD. Sold by Crecerá everywhere. W. Baker & Co., Dorcftester, Mass. The best grades of Hard and Soft Coal always in stock. Did you ever use Coke? Good Coke? We have it. Those who have used it pronounced it excellent. Better try some and be convinced, it is very cheap. M. STAEBLER, Fhone No. 8. Office 11 W. Washington Street. ASTHM !So-N CURED. faut The PEERLESC ASTHMA REMEDYwifl eive instuni relit [. o anrl 5Oa stzas.. Sample mailed fre. At óruggi-ts ov msiledon reoeipt of prioe ijTo Poariass Konied Co., Gubloville, Mich. BIÏIÏ k SUMin BÁKERI IIEÖCEBÏ AND FLOÜ AND FEEO STORE, We keep consiantJy on hand BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, &c. Fot Wbolesale or Betail Trade. We shall also keep a supply ot OHBORNE'S OOLD DUST FLOUR. J. HL Swift & Cto.'n Bert White Wlieat Flour, Bye Flour, Buckwheat Flour, Coin Meal, yted, &c, &c, &c At Wholesale and Ketail. A treneral stock ot &B00ERIES AND PB0VIS10HB constantly on hand, wrhich will be sold on as reasoiiable ternis as at any other house in the city. S?Cash paid ior Butter, Kggs, and Country Product generally. öfGoods Delivered to any part ot the city wlth out ext chare-e. Rianey & Seabolt. 5 DOLLARS to per DAY 20 Easily Made. - We want many men, women, boys, and girls to work for ue a íew hours daily, right in and around their own homes. The business is easy, picasant, striotly honorablp, and pays better than any other offered agenta. You liave a clear field and no competitiou. Experience and special ability unBece8sary. No capital requirod. We equip you With eyerytliiug that you need, treat you well, and help you to earn ten times ordinary wages. Women do as well as men, and boys and girls make gooil pay. Any one, anywhere, can do the work. All succeed "who follow our plain and simple directions. Karnest work will surely bring you a great deul of raoney. Everytlung is new and iu great deraand. Write for our pamphlet circular, and receive full information. No harm done if you conclude not to go on with the business. Ceorce Stinson&Com Box 488, PORTLAND, MAINE. ■ Plso's Remcdy for Catarrh is the M Best, Easlont to TJse, and Cheapeat. Sold by Drogglsts or sent by mail. I 1B SOc. E. T. Hueltlue, 'Wutvb, Pa,


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