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CATARRH TWENTY YEARS. Three Hundred Dollars Spent for Treatment in Vain. This is what Dr. Hartman 's f ree course of treatment did for me: I was sick for eighteen or twenty years and did not know what was the matter with me. I expectorated a gray, sticky mucous from the throat. Every time I took cold my throat got sore, and I would have fever. I had catarrh in my head, and it commenced to affect my eyes. My nose was stopped up, and every morning I had coughing spells. I consulted several physicians, one of whom said he could c├║reme in sixmonths. I kept on doctoring until I spent 300, and was not any better, but kept gradually growing worse until I was confined to the bed. I got some Pe-ru-na and it cured the catarrh in my head and my eyes are better. I don't have any more dizzy spells, my head feels clear, I can breath through my nose, and my throat is cured. My voice is clear. My appetite is good and I sleep wel!. When I began taking Pe-ru-na i weighed only 121 pounds, but now I weigh 135. I wish I could teil everyone about Pe-ru-na, so that thousands more would be cured. Otto F. Losenski, 44 West St., Newark, N. J. KREE MEDICAL HOOKS On catarrh, la grippe, coughs, colds and consumption will be sent, prepaid, for a short time to any address by The Pe-ru-na Drug Manufacturing Company of Columbus, Ohio. A cup of Parks' Tea at night moves the bowels in the morning without pain or discomfort. Sold by Eberbach & Sons.


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