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FeW Fes!e Can Malte ifc iij Fersoq. EVíKrijfeoáü Cas) VieW iKe Mosi VVoïjcieritiï Sceqes. THE WOIOEÜS OF THE WORLD BRQÜGHT HOME. ]agai5s Phoiographic Toüp of the Worïd. In Sixteen Parts. Each Part Containing Sixteen Scènes of Wonderful Interest with Brief, Accurrate and Vivid Descriptions by E. C. Bush. PAILT !ÍO. í- ]VoW HEipY and may be had by calling or writng to the AllG-US office. It contains: Leaning Tower of Pisa. Five Scènes from Venice. Including the Famous Bridge of SighsThree Scènes from Naples. A Panorama of Florence. The Milán Cathedral. The Genova Statue of Columbus. Loggia de Lanzi, Florence. Statute of Leonardo da Vinci. Cathedral Siena. In. 'f act Parts I and II give you a photographic view of tke most wonderful scènes in Italy. Part III is devoted entirely to the Hawaiian Islands and is one of the most beautiful art works ever introduced. The remaining parts take you through Greece, France, Spaiu, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Portugal, England, Scotland, Kussia, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Mexic, Canada, the Holy Land, the Oriënt, África, Cuba and all the principal points in the United States, including the Leading World's Fair Views A Magnificent Collection of 256 Selected Photographs of the Choicest Works of Nature and Art from all parts of the earth. Get the First Part. fioW ïo EijjoiJ fche PÍeasUres oí TraVel WiUioUfc ïs piscoijiforfcs. Cut out of the ARGUS one of the Coupons that wil! appear each week and bring or send to the Argus Office with ten cents. If you bring it, the part named in the coupon will be handed you. If you mail it, the part will be m.ailed you. No. 1. February 2, 1894. j nilT ArgUs Colipon! Photographic Tour of the World, j TH1S I part iHtalYi i ; This Coupon and 1O cent tles you to one Part. Brins r = i i senil to i JKnn Arboi Arglis, " " ■ ! Ann Arbor, 1 Opera House Blouk.


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