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A Cloak Sensation!

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KI t'.vcry Laües' Cïoak .' .. t, t'lstwr or Plush Sacque in mr m , t Stoi-k wiü b placed on saté $ S4 rpl K MOR N ING, JAN. 20 1 AT KXACTLY 3E3C'. 3LjF JPIOJICOJES. As ibe mvy "One Priee." house in Ann Arbor, onr Prices on Carnients h !-■-. l'.vays 'mu n-cgii)ï ' ;is '"' l.owesl. Cultinjr these squarely in two, a? w e d nr ihis Vile, i eai as'mntb as for "Conat Down l'rice" houses to gie üireeijv arters off. 1 his S .!■■ nitans ;". !■;.■■ ;' in us. l.ul we do not propase lo carry over any Cloak-' imo i i staaon .! i' ' wijl sel! ihem. THIS SALC !:: VS THAT VOU CAN BLV: 4.; Gormante for f ÍM9 15.fl(i Qarmoute for ï.&i ) . ..-. u.ü ih.oü ■ .öJ5 I H.O" " - !:" 211.(10 " " 1000 ID.0O ' ■ ñ.l "2.0ü " 11.00 I l-.i.WI ■ 0.00 35.(10 ' " 12.50 14.0il ' " .U 3S00 " " 1T..V) To enine! ine lasl weet i i vir ■ lovenlory Sa]e," c]its Wednesday, famutiy 3ist, e ffer iheJ'i luwing Six-cia] ïnductment?; Oju' of t!se Best itrmids oi' 'il Sheetlugs: nieacbed, wide (valoe 2,V,) ails' Bro. Stiyds. wid (value 36c) at 10c ?y(fs wlde vul'ioïloial 16c ' ' áyd. wl1 fvsluMiOc) at l.'.c l'.i yds. .vide iviiinc líícl :it " 1' . ,■■,. v. u.. iyhIiR' i-.'ci at He Prnit of the Loom B;eached, i I . _ _ ïtirweii-Bieached, . vaiïK' i a yt!. - At 3-4c a Yard. Lonsdaie-Bleached, 1 ' Black Rock yard wldè Brown, Ijcsl 'i cent Coi ton in thu markct, slv prlce 5"i'' a yd. I.Ï1. M1XZ,8 & Co„ 2JZt.


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