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Washington-, Feb. l.-The interna" revenue bilí was placed as a rider upoii the tariff bill Wednesday afternoon by a vote of 175 to 56. The eutire day was spent in the eonsideration of aniendments which were offered to the various iniernal revenue features. The principal fight carne upon the proposal to increase the tax upon whiskv from 90c to 1 and extend the bonded" period from three fco eight years. These provisions, especially the one looking to an increase ot' the bonded period, were bitterlv opposed by prominent uiembers upon both sides of the house, and despite the opposition the latter proposition, that is the one to iucrease the bonded period to eight years. was stricken out, while the increase of the tas froni 90 cents to SI was allowed to stand. The Kentucky metnbers say that this will bring ruin and disaster to the whisky interests in their state. Kentucky alone has over 85.000,000 gallons of whisky now in bond, upon which the tas will be increased without gtving them the benefit of an extensión of the bonded period. Only one other amendment of ] portance to the internal revenue features of the bill was carried. It was a provisión to extend the operation of the ncome tax to all inoneys and personal property given or beqneathed by inïeritanee. This, it is estimated, will ncrease the revenue from the income tax about $3,000,000 per annuin.


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