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mfi m wm tothe business man, tW i,yW. ibe physi aan, the clergymar,, the teachei ihe pol tician and, in short, ,o evjf whLJl ' mterested in aflairs concern the Amen can public avd who wishes to Wp fX abreast of the linies, is y THE Every subject of impoUance is dealt xvini in lis pages- impartially, on Intli sides- at ihe very time when the cor.tse of events bnngs ït to the front, and by the very men or whose opinions ai e ruost valued The Review does not hesitate at the most liberal expenditure in order to secure articies froin the highest authorities. lts list of con tribulors forms a roll of the represen tativê men and women of the age. The North American Review is the most widely read magazine of its class ii the world, being neitlier scholastic nor, but popular and practical in its treatment of all topics. The North American Review is the only periodical of its kind which has a recognized place as A FAMILY MAGAZINE This is because itdevotes much attention t '-ubjects that are of particular interest te women. No other periodical in the world can poiht o such a succéssion of distinguished writers as have contributed to the Review during the aast four years. The tit embraces Americau and British Cabinet Ministers; United States Senators and Representatives; Governors of Slates; American Ministers abroad; Foreign Ministers to the United States; Judges of the Supreme Court; Ecclesiastical dignitariesand eminent theologians of eveiy deñominariou; ofiicers of the Arm y and Navy; famous phy sicians and screntists; alid in genera] men and women whose names are household wordsthróughout the English-spcaking world. Published Monthly. $5.00 a Year. THE NORTH AMERICAN REVIEW 3 EAST 14TH STREET, NEW YORK. Uittil January Sist, 1894, we wiUfurniah the Nrth Ameviean Seview and tlu; ASGl ■' for $4.00 2""' Year in advance. A year's subscription to Scriuner's Magazine will bring into your home twelve monthly numbers, aggregating over 1,500' pages of the best and most interesling reading, and more than 700 beautiful illustrations. Aimouncements. Georgre W. Cable will begin in the January number a romance entitled "John Maivti. Southerner." Two other important seriáis havo been engaced: J. M. Barrie. author of the famou.-: "Little Ministor," has written a new nove!, the fii'St since that Inmous Btory. George Meredith, the greot Euglleh novelist, ha.s in preparation a novel ent itleri '"The Amaziog Marriage." SHORT TORIES will be abundant. W. D. Howells, Miss Elliot, W. E. Bishop, Ludovic Haleyy, Paul Bourget, Joel Chandler Harris aud macy new writers. will eontribute. , STUDIES OF AMÉRICA IjIFE will lx8n important feature, ineludingNewport, Bar Harbor, Lenox, etc, and the West. THE ILLUSTRATIONS will be even more nnmerous and beautifu! than ever. A series of Frontispieees ohosen by Phlltp Gilbert Hamerton will be expeciaUy notable. SPECIAL OFFIFR e numbers OTDOIHL UrrCn. forl893,anl a subscription for 1894, - 84.5C The same, with back numbera bound in cloth, - 6.0G Complete Prospectus sentón requeat. Sample Copy 10 Cents. CHARLES SCRIBNER'S SONS,, 743 Broadway,;New York. It is liuman nature to want somethvng for nothing. SIL VERWARE GIM Af ÁY FREE - AT - W. F. Lodholz Grocery Store. N01 4 and 6 Broadwny This is the way it is done: With every Cash Sale, whether it be ten cents 01 fifty dollars we give you a coupon showing the amount purchased, and when you have bought groceries or any goods in pur line to the amount of Forty Dollars, Forty-rive Dollars or Fifty Dollars YÜU CAN HAYE YOUR CHOICEof the'l'WENTY BEAUTIFUL PIECES OF SILVERWARE, such is Sugar Bowls, Spoon. Holder, Cream, Fruit, Jaster, Berry, Pickle, Butter Dishes, etc. CAIL AND EXAMINE. Remenibcr Evm-ything in the GBOCERY LINE Sold Cfieapfor Cash. W. F. LODHOLZ 4 and 6 Broadway MARTIN & FiSCHER. PROPRIETOKS OF PHE WESTERN BKEWEKY, ANN ARBOR, MI0HBrewers of Pure Laser Beer.


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