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Bird Slaughter

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Au Ainerican dealer sold last year 2,000,000 birdskins. All were used for ornamenting woman's attire. Women ought to cry down this vanity that feeds and pampers the destruction of the feathered tribes. The birds sacrificed are of course those of richest plumage, and of course also those that will be least easily replaced. In fact, if this thing continĂșes, American bird life of the gentier order will pretty soon becoine extinct. Is not the warfare the American Humane society has opened upon the birdskin traffic wholly justifiable? We think so. The destruction referred to contributes not one whit to human need or human comfort. It adds nothing to the intellectaal, nothing to the mental. It is simply wantonness practiced at the beek of fashiou, and as silly and meaningless a fashiou, too, as ever was spawned f rom thebrain of a man milliner. There are birds in plenty that shed their plumage to supply the vain demand for flaming headgear. Why should the fashion monarchs be inexorable and also demand the bodies of


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