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A Great Musical Opportunity

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The following figures may be of interest to our readers. At the conclusiĆ³n of the May Festival, the fifth season, the Choral Union will have given 31 concerts, at an expense of more than $20,000. The cost to each ticket holder has been $10.00. The same concerts could not be heard in any large city for less than $40.00. No salaries have been paid for the various services without which the series could not have been conducted successfully, but all moneys have been used for the furnishing of the highest class of concerts at the lowest price. The carrying out of this policy has resulted in a succession of grand concerts, but many people have lost sight of the fact that this state of affairs in Ann Arbor is exceptional, and have been inclined to look upon them as a right rather than a privilege. It must be remembered that these concerts will be given as long as the same support is given as inthe past. They will not, however, be conducted at a loss. We are confident that few people are acquainted with the facts which head this article. That the University Musical Society has confidence in the continued patronage of students and citizens is evinced by the preparations for the May Festival, a musical event which will exceed in interest any similar undertaking in the state, and especiall.y by the fact that notwithstanding the enormous expense incurred, the price of Choral Union tickets will remain the same, $2.00, until after the Heinrich song recital, February 16, when they will be withdrawn. After that date tickets for the Festival will be sold at $2.50 for the series or $1.00 for single concerts. That is to say, a Choral Union ticket bought now represents the Heinrich recital and the entire series of festival concerts as well. If the requisite numberof tickets is sold - and the attendance at the Pachman concert showed that it will not require a very large addition of numbers to fill the hall - the arrangements now pending for bringing outsiders will not be carried out. Otherwise the large number of people within a radius of 100 miles from Ann Arbor who will be attracted here will test the capacity of the hall, and tickets will not be sold in excess of the actual seating arrangements.


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