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Ypsilanti spent $144.82 tor the relief of her city poor during the month of January. Two yonng Ypsilanti ladies got soaking wet Tuesday night, by bieakiug through the ice. Oue week ago Wednesday Tecumsek shipped i car load of clothing and provisions to Iron Mountain. Mrs. Mary A. H. Wilson died in Ypsilanti, Tuesday, aged seventy years. iShe was a sister of John N. Howland. Two of Prince Michael's followers have visited Ypsilanti to prediet that Uie worUl is coming to an end in October, 1895. The city council of Marshall has decided to present the city council of Ypsilanti with a drop harness. Has Marshall any more giles lying around loose' Pugilism seems to be looking up in Ypsilanti. A ten round glove light is tunouneed tor tonight, and the sports trying to get Peter Jackson U irain m Ypsi. The chrtiity concert given at Ypsilanti oa Momday evening netted about SS6ö lor "svveet cliarity's sake." Svvaiue, -i.)odLtí and Garelssen in the operetta jiox and Cox rnade a great hit. Mr. J. J. Hansey, of West Brauch, nid Miss Eva A. Weeks, of Ypsilanti, vere married at the home of tbe bride on Jan. 21st, by iiev. il. M. Gallup. Üiily the tauiily and Velatives were present. So near and y et so f ar. Iludson has ween her long feit want slip tbrougli ner fingers. It hasfinally been settlefl üy the cornmission having the matter in öhavge that Lapeer needs the home tor the ieeble uiinded worse tlian HnrlsoTi Shiill we f.onsrratuhtte llud huJi 01 liajieer.-1 George H. Hammond, of Ypsilanti, sold twelve Jersey eows to a .Detroit inilk dealer tor $t00. When that Jersey milk gets to the lips of the average Detroit citizen, the taste will be so different trom the ordinary colored water he luis been drinking that ho will swear tbe pailk was adultei'ated. According to the Dundee Beporter, large numbers oí sheep thereabout are boiug slaughtered and sold iu To iedo. Several Uundee firins of huck sters are engaged in the business Tbose farmers would better keep thei sheep. Thev will be more valuabl property after the Wilson bill become law. One evening recently the Adriai Commandery, Knights Templar wer entertaiued at the home of SarrrUnder wood, of Britton, iáam is a genial hos and the evening was pleasantly passec An elegant upnolstered chair was lef with hini as a memento, when th Kaights departed. The Plymouth Mail carne to our t; ble last veek under new mauagemen Mr. J. II. Steers ha ving retired, auc Mr. M. F Gray, of Alpena, haviug as sumed direction of the, paper. Whil wc are sorry to part with our genia friend Steers, we are glad to be able t ■id a heany greeting to the new management. Mr. Gray is said to be young man of considerable newspape "experieuce, and he will undoubtedl ju.sli tbe already brigbt and news ivlail well to the front among the loca papers of VVayne county. We exten to hiin the right hand of fellowship. The Iludson Gazette tells this stor on Lawyer Seth Bean, of Adrián: 8et is a persistent inquisitor when he ha a, wituess on the stand, but sometime the witness gets back at him with tart retort. He had a bright old Iris lady on the stand once, wüere the vai ue of a piece of land, which the wit ness owned, was invoived. She ha testified that she had raised beans on the land. '.'JDo you mean to say," in quired Mr. Beau sharply, '"that yoi can raise beans 011 that saiid patch oí' yoursf" ''Yes, 'n whiter Beaus 'a you!" retorted the old lady, while the court and jury roared. Tred Tag and fainily, of Clinton, were up betimes Sunday moruiug of last week. The stove pipe was not properly jointed; intact iu one place it was not joii'ted at all, and the smoke, when it passed one joint, had to look around the room and guess wliere the next was, before going iurther. But wheu the soot caught lire and began to burn out, it got the family up early, and although it was Sunday the burning chimney was attended to ahead of family prayers. There are no loóse joints in the pipe novv. - Adrián Press. We understand that the ïag lauiily omitted family prayers altogether that morning. The disjointed pipe and the familiarity of that smoke produced such a state of mind as to make sacrilige of family devotions. A very pieasant affair took place at the house of Byron Kandie, of Clinton, Wednesday. It was the celebration of the 9üth birthday of his farther, familliarly known as Uncle Roswell liandle, with a number of the old residente of Clinton and vieinity. Mr. Kandie was boni in Connëcticiit in 1804, and he remembers distinctly the incidents attending the departure of his father to iiglit the Biïtish at Sackett's Harbor in the war of 1812. In 1850 he carne to Michigan and haslived at Bridgevvater and Clinton ever since. Several years ago his wife died and since that time he has lived in Clinton with his son. Four generations of the family are at present living under tbe same roof, Uncle Roswell, his son Byron, a 1 daughter and a great grandson. The old gentlemen is hale and hearty for one of his years and enjoyed the celebration as much as any one present. Here's hoping tnat he may round out this eentury and that his shadow may never grovv less. William H. Colbath, of Rome, sold eight nine months old pigs, last Tuesday in this city, and they averaged 295 pounds, or a total of 2,300 pounds, which netted him nearly $150. They were eight out of eleven of one litter that was raised from a brood of sixteea from one sow. jProm the same sow were sold a lot of pigs in June last, that were geven raonths old. and $90 was realized. Three of the April litter were killed about the middle of December niHking over 76Ú pounds of pork, worth at that time $45. He hiis a litter of eight October pigs, worth $3 each. or $24. This mikes a total of $305. for hog products of one aaimal, in 15 months. lie believes he has received a good price lor corn and wheat fed. Will the farmers of the county keep a record of their producía and see if they can oust Colbath front ie eViamiiioiiship? His hogs are the liester White -Adrián Press, f the fondueasof the Pieas editor f or ouuvncing kiaa not ftddod inaterially o the iibovft liox fitfry, there inust De 101e monej in rowing pork than in uimiiiü a tievv8ivier. Wonder how aiiiior Coíbat!) wosfld Like toexcbange lis sow (r a {(tod HMWspaper.


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