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Drs. Kennedy & Kergan

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lWEftl,NERVOUSSDlSEASEDMENÍ Thonsands öL Tmng and MidMe Aged Mm are annnally ewept to a premature grave f 1Í9 through early indiscretion and later excesos. Self abuse and Constitational Blood F m Dieran have rnined and wrecked tlie life of many a promising young man. Have soa ijl íí Cï re Eollowinf? Symptoms: Nervous and Despondent; Tïred in Morning; Iso AmDiu , ü3 Bon; Memory Poor; EasHy Fatigued; Excitable and Irritable; Eyes Blur; 1 imples on 4 $ the Face; Dreams and Draine at Night; lieetless; Haggard Looking; Blotehes; bore K M Thföat; Hair Loose; Pains in Body; Sunken Eyes: Lifeless; Distrostful and ljack oï I m Enery and Strength. Oor A'w JfeMod TreatmaU will build yoa up mentaliy, physicaUy I W and sexnally. SS! DRS. KENNEDY_& KERGAN !SJ 9 WEI LL? 1 " At 14 yeara of age I learned a bad habit which almost rnined ■ E jr I me. I became nervous and weak. My back tronbled me. I could H 9 wsL-] Btand no exertion. Head and eyes bocame dull. Dreams and I J '"Zrl drains at night weakened me. I tried seven Medical Firma, Elec1 kIJL %É tric Belts' Patent Medicines and Family Doctors. They gave me i WÉfr. "VÊÉÈ A friendadvised rae totry Drs. Kennedy &Kergan. They m ilR -"JviP 1 sent me one montu'B treatment and it cured me. 1 could feel Ï8 fP myself gainini? overy day. Their New Mettod Treatment cures toAcn y Carn 'une rnh all eUe. aí." They have cured many of my Mende." 7%. m wmmiMWi mm. , ?5 5K "Some 8 years ago I contracteda serioue constitutional blood f S -" 'We J went to Hot 8PrinS8 to t""6' for syphilis. Mercury almost yf '- WÊ killed me. Af ter a while the symptoms again appeared. ïhroat H _ f? became sore, pains in limbs, pimples on face, blotehes, eyes red, ff SÍ] JÊl loss of hair, glands enlarged, etc. A medical friend advised Drs. ■ 7 trfeS Kennedy & Kergan's New Method Treatment. It cured me, and I have I s. -=thad no aymptoms for iive years. I am married and happy. As a H m 25P doctor, I heartily recomend it to all who have this terrible dieease- ■ ffi CureuoyeórTio: syphilis." It will eradicate the poison from the blood. I C2prd 15 YEARS IN DETROIT, 150.000 CÜRED. % ï 5 "I am 83 years of age, and married. When yonng I led3 3 ï -- W cav life. Early indiscretions and later excesses made troable 'W hBK' Y for me. I became weak and nervoni?. My kidneys became 3 'F. JM affectedandl feared Bright's disease. Married hfjwae i unsatie% Pi "rf factory and my home nnhappy. I tnd everything-all faüed tui M X & ZP Ê{ I took treatment from Drs. Kennedy and Kergan. Their New 1 k 'SRIèSh Method buüt me up raentally, physically and sexaaUy. I foei ,,,. r"' and actlike a man in every respect. Try them. i WJ2T " 1 No Ñames Used Without Written 1 iNnnl Consent of Patiënt. i Oup New Method Treatment ïtV8tren1?th1énscnt1he8 body?S88topslllSi drains and losses, purifies the blood, clears the brain, builds up the nervous and sexual systems and restores lost vitality to the body. ■ we Guarantee to Cure Nervona netollity, Kalling Manhood, SUllis varicocele, trlctare.Gleet, Unnatural Discharges, U Weak r'arts and All Kldiiey and Bladder Hincases. nPlIflinm Drs. Kennedy & Kergan are the leading specialiste of Kt Ivlr IlI Kr K America. They guarantee to cure or no pay. Their ■ II t IwIL If I Vbll tation and fifteen years of business are at stake. Yoa ■ run no risk. Write them for an honest opinión, no matter who treated you. Xt may save you years of regret and snffering. Charges reasonable. Write for a Question L,ist and Book Pree. Consul tation FreeB 148 Shelby St. I Detroit, Mich. I


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