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The Salt That's AU Salt Is the salt every one should use. The tmpurities in the other kinds are useless, of coursc, bnt dangerooa also. The lime, especlaüy, Is the cause of much kidney disease. Diamond I Crystal Salt Is mach the purest, and therefore th8 best salt known. Made from the best bri ne, by the best proceBS, with the best grain. and HOkl in the best pac kage- an alr-tight and non-absorbent box. The fact that salt is cheap is no reason why you should not have pure salt. Ask for Diamond Crystal, give it a fair trial. Wrlte us for further particulars. Onr Dairy Salt is the standard of excellence, and no butter maker should 9 be without it. Address fl DIAMOND CRYSTAL SALT CO., Unlike the Dutch Process il Malies Other Chemicals are used in the preparation of W. Baker & Cos Braakfast Cocoa, which is absolutely pure and soluble. It has more than three times the strengih o Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrovrroot or Sugar, and is far more cconomical, costing Icss than one cent a cup. It is delicious, nourishing, and basily DIGESTED. Sold by Crocers overywhore. W. Baker & Go., Dorchester, Mass, The best grades of Hard and Soft Coal always in stock. Did you ever use CoVre? Ovni Coke? We have it. Those who have used it proriounced it exceilent. Better try ome and be convinced, it is very cheap. M. STAEBLER, Phone Xo. 8. Office 11 W. Washington Street. Ad i ilíúíi o?TEN wOTaELUIs but The PESRLKS ASTHMA REMEOYwill d:pe iustantroiief. Lc anc? 50c 3ï2GSo batnpla ma' led irae At o roggitfo or mailed on rpceipt of pnce byThe Peorleos icmody Co.. C.oblovüle, Mioh. iwüü üuimn BÁKERY, MM ANU FLOÜR AMD FEEO STCBE, We tceep consiantly on hand BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, &o. For Wholesale or Betaü Traae. Wc shall also keep a supply ol GOLD DUST FLOUR. J. M. Swift & Oo.' Best Wliite Wheat ïiour, Bye Flour, Buckwheat Flour, Corn Ideal, Fjed, &c, &c, &c, At Wholesale and Ketail. A general stock ol ÖBOOHRIES áND PE0VISI0NS ronstantly on hand, which will be sold on as reasonable terms as at any other house in the city. Lg?-Cash paid lor Butter, Egs, and Country Produce generally. PGoods Dehvered to any part of the city wtth out extri charee. Rinsey & Seabolt, 5 DOLLARS to PER DAY 20 Easiiy Made. We want many men, wonien, boys, ;md girls to work for ua a few hours daily, rigltt in nnd around theirown liomes. The business is easy, pleasant, strictly honorable, and pays bettór tlmn anyother otFered agonts. Vou liavp i clear üeld and no eompetiüon. Kxpcrienct; and special ability unnecessary. No capital requiréd. We equip you with ererytblug tliat you ueed, treat you well, :uid help you to earn teu titntes onlinary wages. Wonien do :is well tts men, and boys and girls make goód pa. Any one, anywhere,.cán do the work. All nucceed who follow ourplainand simple directions. Barnest work will surply bring you a great di-al of money. tüverything is new and in great demand. Write for piupfphlèt eircular, and receive full Information. No tiarm done if you conelude not to si" on with the business. Georce Stinso&Co., Box 488, PORTLAND, MAINE. SI CURES ÍWHtREALL ELSAILsi Tjfl IÜQ Best Cough Syrup. Tates Qood. Use H CcJ In timo, Sold by clniKKiHtH. g


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