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ENDORSEMENTS Of the Pyramid Pile Cure. The publishing of testimoniáis of cured patients with their photographs and letters by manufactures of patiënt medicines has become so common of late years that it would seem that such advertising would have little value, and while we have never made a practice of publishing the thousand of testimonial letters we receive, yet at same time it is undoubtedly a fact that the best possible advertisement is a genuine bona fide testimonial froru one who has actually suffered and been cured. Nothing bespeaks the genuine merit of any remedy so much as the plain statement of an honorable man or woman that he or she has used .it and know it to be as represented. We could easily fill every page of this paper sitnply with the addresess of people who nave been cured by the Pyramid Pile Cure. Kut believe our purpose will be equally well served by selecting a number of uch letters every week as they come n from all sections or the country nd herewith presente few.assuring he reader that each letter is but one of hundreds of simjlar ones. James Mahady, Red Cloud, Neb., ays: "The Pyramid Pile Cure is he best I have ever found for proruding piles. It relieved me at once from all pain, and at the rate am now progressing, will be enirely cured in a week." J. W.Rollins,Sweet Springs, Mo., ays: "The Pyramid Pile Cure is without an equal, it cured me in 30 days or much shorter time. I waited 15 days to be sure that I was cured. í can say that every trace of piles is removed and there is nothing I can recommend more highly." Mrs. John Sargent, Sun River, Vlont., says: "I think your Pyramid Pile Cure isasplendid remedy; send me two more packages for my friends to use." John W.Dickenson, Omega, Tenn., says: "I am using your pile medicine. It is helping me very much, in fact I do not feel that I have the DÜes at all. My constipation has also entirely disappeared." Amos. Alderman, Steuben, Wis. "The first application of the Ppramid Pile Cure did me more good than all the medicine I ever tried Defore." We could continue with testimonial letters like the above indefinitely, because they are coming in every day. The Pyramid Pile 2ure is prepared by the Pyramid Drug Co., Albion, Mich., and for sale by all druggists, and it is the intention of the proprietors to publish each week a fresh list of testimoniáis and never use the same testimoniáis twice, and so large is the number daily received that they can easily do this. Your drnggist will give you :urther particulars concerning this certain specific for all forms oi piles. Life is Misery To mauy people who have the taint ot' scrofula in their blood The agonies caused bv the dreadful running sores and other manifestations of this disease are beyond description. There is no other remedy equal to Ilood's Sar saparilla for scrofula, salt rheum and every form of blood diseases. It is reasonably sure to benefit all who give it a fair trial. If the hair is falling out and turning gray, the glands of the skin need stiniulating and color-food, and the best remedy and stimulant is Hali's Hair Renewer. Kead This. Mr. W.H. Butler, with Mr. Chas. R. Whitman, has money to loan upon Real Estáte security, iñ suuis of $100 to S3,000, at low rates of interest and easy terms. Cali early. First come first served. Office over the Postolïice. 30-tf. The Boston Star says Dr. Kauimann's great book on diseases, its causes and home cure, with fine colored plates, is the best work ever published. A copy will be sent free to anybody who senda three 2-cent stanips, to pay postage, to A. I' Ordway & Co., Boston. Mass. A cup of Parks' Tea at night niove the bowels in the morning withou pain or discomfort. Sold by Eberbacl & Sons. Ripans Tabules : pleasant laxative. Kipans Tabules prolong life. ChildrenCryfo Pitcher's Castorïa.


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