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A Campact Majority

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The republicans throughout the present struggle for tariff reform have taunted the democrats vvith a lack of the requisite courage, ability and cohesiveness to carrv their reform policy to a successful issue. They resorted to the most infamous tactics with the view of creating dissensions among the majority. The fears of those long accustomed to the benefits of government pap were worked upon; they sought with all the acts of desperate politicians to array special interests against the measure; they compelled workmen in the great manufacturing establish ments, under pain of dismissal, to sign protests against its passage; they raised the calamity howl and did everything possible to stagnate business for the effect it would have on the movement for revenue reform, and yet after the worst had been done, but a paltry seventeen democratie votes could be mustered in opposition. Even the wiping out of the odious sugar bounty did not drive away all the Louisiana democrats, Blanchard and Boatner remained true to democratie principies. If such a record under the most trying circumstances shows lack of courage or ability or cohesiveness, then the Republicans may make the most of it.


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