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Passed Both Houses

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Washington, Feb. s.- The bilí re[ealm in toto the federal lawa regiv control of congresaional election" bas passed both houses ot' congress and 5nly awaits the sisnature of President Cleveland to becoxue a law. After several weeks of diseussion the señale Wednesday finally wunt to a vote on the house bilí repealing the federal lectioiiís law, and it passed by a vote f 3ü veas to 28 nays. Nunierons mendtiifints were presented by the lepnblicans, lmt tliey were voted ovv'ii regulavly and methodically, the )emocrats not even taking the tronble 10 juin in debate on the atuendatory (ropositions. Senator Stewart (Nev.) voted wich ;he Deruocrats on every ptopaeitíon, jliving ts his reason that he thought -he ptiwer of the execntive was already o great and that the centraliziiifí endency of the age should be checked it om.;e if the repnblic is to survive. Che three Popnhsts - Senators Allen, vyle and Peffer - also voted with the Deuiocrats on every amendinent as well as on the main bul. The measure, as it passed the seríate, s identical with the bilí as it passed ;he house, no coinmittee amendmeuts íaving been proposed.


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