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Minister Stevens Condemned

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Washington, Feb. 8.- By a vote of 175 to 57 the house Wednesday adopted the resol ution condemning Minister Stevens and sustaining the Hawaiian policy of Mr. Cleveland. The Republicans filibustered to the end. On the first vote the resolution was carried 174 to 3. and au interesting parliamentary qnestion was raised as to whether 177 instead of 179 was not a quorum, four seats being vacant on account of deaths. The speaker held that a majority of the rneuibers chosen and living constituted a quorum, quoting in support of his position a review of the subject made by the ex-speaker in the Fiftyfirst congresa. His position. however, was warmly assailed by some of the Democrat inembers, and it was finally agreed to take the vote over again, so the ruling was eventually withdrawu. The Bontelle resolntiou was defeated by a strict party vote. After the voting upon these resolutions had been completed Mr. Bland of Missouri made mi attempt to get up his bill for the coinage of the silver seigniorage in the treasury the eastern Deinoerals. led by Messrs. Tracey and Cockran, inaugurated a filibuster. in which they were joined by the majosity of the Bepublicans, although a few 'of the latter indicated by their votes that they favored a consideration of the bill, and for fottr honrs Mr. Bland and the remainder of the Demócrata were held at bay. Finding that it was impossible to se cure a quorum to proceed witli the consideration of the bill and that the house might be üead-locked indefinitely uiwn the proposition, Mr. Bland directed his erïorts towards securing the adoption of a resolntiou to revoke all leaves of absence and to instruct the sergeant-atarms to arrest absentees. After a persistent struggle, Which lasted until 7 o'clock. Mr Bland was siiccessful anc the resolution was passed. In order ti make it still more effeetive the orde was a continuing oue till vacated b the house.


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