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rcry Ladies' Cloak. tXackt-t, Ulster or Plnsh Sacque in Stock will be placed on saiv 8ATWDAY MORÑING, JAÑ. 20 AT EXACTLY- . p As the only "One Price" house in Aun Arbor, onr Prices on Garmer.ts have alivars 'een rccogniz: l os :W I.owesi. Cuttinjr these squarely n two. as we du foFlhis S.iie, 11 e;v.s a-; nim-.h as for "Conit Down Tuce" bouses to give ihree(juaiters off. 'llús Sale means a large los 'o ns. tiut we do not propose to carry over any Cloak"! inio next season íí Piice will sel! ihem. TEÍIS SALE MÏ2ANS T1IAT YOL CAN BUY: í i P8 Garaienta for... í "■" 15.0(lGanient8 for t ',.'■ gin ;..'o " " fl.uo ufí .. ■ !,on -jti.oi) ' íooo ,oon 6.w a.oo " ■ 11.00 w'jjji ■■ li.(X) 25.110 . " " 12.50 [Jl,,, ■ ■ T.liti 5.00 " 7 17.50 i '1'ci cnlien the ast werk of our "Inventory Sale," wbicli closcs Wednesday, S fanuaiy 3ist, we oflfer lhefol]owing Special Inductmentc; One ol" ílie Best líraisIs of Wide Sheetings: 5 itiPMched ', wide (valué 28c) atl"c Bro. 2H yds. wlde ívilue 8BO aí 16c i 'yds wide (valoe 21o) at... 16o ' 2yü8_. w1Jp.'Vilue20c)a1 15c 1V4 yás. wide (valué 12}4o at lüc i " iSyís w U ivnlue 12o) at 9u Frvdt of the Loom - Bleached, j ( . _ _ . v Ferwell --Bleached, allIO 1 Of a y ti. . At 7O-4C a Yard. Lonsdale- Bleached, I MliLck Rock, yard wlde Brown, best 7 cent Coi.ton in the Diarket, priee 55Lc a yd. 3. F. MÍIXS& Co., 2mISCI


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