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Eslate of Eiizabeth McGuinness. OTATE OF MICHIGAN. COUNTY IO of Washteiiaw, &S. At aaesnon ot the Probate í'oiirt jor i ht? coii'ly mi Washtenaw, holden ai ibri piolnn ( i)w iti ih fiiy of Ann Arbor, on ThuiBday, the etgflith dn? -i February, m tbr yearune tlio imtM' ■ ilit huiulied and ninet y-four. l resept, .1. Willnrd Babbitt, .ludgp ot'Probale. In ihe n;';r of the ruute of llizabeth 5lcOinnn'-s, áei'easedj! On and flïinn üip peütition doly vuihi(l,(i) fctatgur't ,Mciïuiiïiu".s. praying tbat adminisir.nticr i1 ü! PH&te nftv he lanted o Thom:i8 .MtGuim.ffs, orsom! oher sultable perfcun. Thereupon it is Ofderecl, Hmt Morday, the tifth ay ol Match i ext. ai leu o'clock in tbe iorEoon, br ttbttiLïH'i1 iii tii hearing of stué pwtilion and that the hcirs n lawoi'eaid decensed, nd nll otdiT persons ititerested in s:iid state are n quii cd to ttpprtt] ;it ;l BOftsloo of Raid (uuit. ihen io be h"ildn ftt the Probóte Office ia cuy uf A mi Atlior. aud show cause it rbt there h?.h} ihe pjayer of tlie petitioner bliould nol bf pranüd: And H is further orderedtbat unid prtitioneriv? notice to the persons interested in said estáte í :Iie pendency oí said peiition Hi u thiï Iititricf? tluieof Yy causingacopy ot this orün to hc Tuhlisber1 in the Ann Arbor Ahgus, a LtíWtfpaper pnnteJ and wrcnlated íd aid eounty, three nuccewvve week? previoua to èaid i.,i dt heaii 1 1 . .1. WJU.AilD IiABBITT, [A tnie wpy ] .ïudge of Probar Wm. d l ■ tv, Pr-tKiV Register. GRAWD OPERA HÖÜSÉ JUST ONCE. Monday, February 12. THE FUNNY COMEDY, GMb 9' the OM let Headed liv ihe o:;ii:ienl.encmy of the Blues, I{. SCOTT, The Latest Vocal Gems. Topical Songs and Ballads. PBIOES: Ft'i-i'ivprt S;;ils, 75c. Admission- Pitrquetic and flrei vom in Parquette OirclO, 75-. i'm-lc back of flrst tOW, SOe; üiillery, 35c. Bseived seals on sale ot Watts' Jewelrj Store, i ! -gf-V i We are offering a two quart lountain syringe com píete, lor $1.OO. We have i otliers, made of better rub! hrv, more ïnoney, luit ! , this one is nretty sol. i : Calkins' ritannacy. J f J ! i


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