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Lansing, Feb. 7.- At a late hour Tuesday night Governor Rich aerved a fopy of the following charges and citalions upon each of the returning board of 1898, through his private secretary. Executive Office, Lansixg. Mich., Feb. (5, 1894. John W. Jochim. Secretary of State; Joseph F. Hambitaer, State Treasurer, and John G. Berry, Commissioner of the State Land Office; Comprising the Board of State Canvassers: GENTLEMEN- Public charges have been inade and have come to my knowledge that gross errors were made in the canvass of the returns of votes given in the various counties at tlie election held in this state on the flrst Monday in April, A. D. 1893, for and against the adoption of joint resolution Nb. 10, approved March 9, 1893, proposing an amendment to Section 1 of Article 0 of the constitution of the state, relative to the Balaries of the state ofticei's, by wbich it was made to appear that such amendment to the constitution had been ratified and approved by a majority oí the electora voting thereon, whereas it is alleged that by a trae and correct canvass of the returns of such votes the said amendment was defeated. Under the power as granted and duly imposed upon me as governor of this state by Section 8, of Article 12 of the constitution. It becomes my duty to inquire into the condition and administrntion of your several offices, and especially into the manuw in which you have severally and collefltively performed the dutjes of the board if state canvassers of which you are exofficio members, for the purpose of determining whethcr you have been guilty of gross neglect of tluiy in t!ie matter oí canvassing said returns. You are, therefore, severally cited and required to apiiear bef ore me at the executive oflice. in the city of Lansing, on the 15th day of February, 1894, at 1 o'clock in the afternoón, then and . there to answcr to the following specific charges, viz,: 1. That yon, the said John W Jochiin, secretary of state: Joseph F. Ilambitzer. state treasurer, and John (i. Berry commissionér of the state land office, who are the board of state canvas&ers under the -constitutions aad laws of this state, were each and every one of you guilty of gross neglect of duty in this, that you did not, nor did eitner of you examine the statements or returns of votes from the several counties filed in the office of the secretary of state, showing the number of votes cast for and against said proposed amendment to the constitution relative to the salaries of state officers, by the electors in this state at the election of 1893. 2. That you were severally guilty of gross neglect of duty in this, that you did not, nor did eitherot you, ascertain and detenniu'e the true result of such vote, nor pe.rform witb due and proper care the duties relating to canvassing tlie statements and returns from the several counties of the votes given at such election for and I against said proposed amendinent to the constitution, required of and imposed upon you as members of said board ot state canvassers by the constitution and laws of this state. 3. ïhat you were severally guilty of gross netilect of duty in this; that you made and suffered to be made gross errors in the canvass of the statements and returns filed in the office of the secretary of state, of the votes given in the several counties at said election in April, 1893, for and against said proposed amendment to the constitution, by which it was falsely made to appear that such proposed ameudment had been approved and ratified by a uiajority of the electors voting thereon. Whereas, by a truo and correct canvass of the said statements and returns the said proposed amendment was defeated. 4. You are further required then and there to show cause why you and each of you should not be removed from oflice for gross neglect of duty. John T. Rich. Cominissioiier of Land Oflice Berry and Treasurer Hambitzer were run down at 11 p. m., and while they were quite reticent, both said that some oí the best legal talent in the state had been engaged and soine very nice legal jioints would be made at the hearing on Feb. 15. The members of the board, Hambitzer saij, Tuesday afternoon, were engaged in preparing a request to the covernor for a stay of proceedings bef ore insisting upon their resignations and allow them to be heard, but the action of the governor had disposed of that and the only thing left was to ïnake their answer to the charges. Mason, Feb. 'ó.- The grand jury which ia inveatigating the count on the salaries amendment found the jury room in the courtiiouse too sinall for comfort and has taken possession of the '..o-rand Army hall. Nothing startling was developeö Friday so far as ia known. Lansing, Fob. 6. - What is looked upon as most significant is the faet that the grand jury is investigating the canvass frauds of 181)1 and 1893 together. The successive witnesses sworn prove this, as a clerk now employed in tlie state department will succeed one who was there under the Demoorats in 1891 and vice versa. This is believed to indícate that the theory of' the jury is that the same person either conceived or perpetrated both frauds. LANSING, Feb. 8. - Secretary Jochiin, Treasnrer Hambitzer and Land Commissioner Berry went to llason Wednesday morning, and all were called upon to testify bef ore the grand jury. No other witnesses were sworn. Jochim entered the juryroom in the forenoon, and Tvas in the sweatbox nearly two liours. Land Commissioner Berry folïowed, but was disposed of much more quickly, while Treasurer Hambitzer "was under fire for only about an hour, but will probably be recalled. It is safe to say that ueither of the members of the board of canvassers are giving up valuable information willingly. The prosecuting attorney had to do a good deal of pumping, and even by this proi:ess not a great deal of startling inforuiation was called.


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