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Estáte üf Bertha White. STATE OF MICHIGAN, OOUNTY ol Washtenaw, ,■. At a seasion o! the Probate Court for the CoumyofWashteno nMc-imt the Probate Office iu fhe city of ,,„„ A%cr on Satarday, the 27lli r -.-. of J.,,.:V m the yearonc tUousand eight hundred and íiiiiely-four Piesent, J. Willard Babbitt, Judg-e ol Probate ' In the matter ui the estáte oí Bertlia Wbi'te decetsed. ' Lemuel Goldsmlth, the a4minÍ8tratoT of snid e tale, comes into court nnd representa thnt he ís now prepared to rendar his linal account as 8uch administrator Thereupon ít ís oriered that Tuesday he 27 th day of K-bruary next, nt ten o'elock in theroreuoon bo assigned for examiniug and allowine such uccouni, and Ihat the neirs-atlaw nf smd doceased, and all other persons i"teiesfed in SaiU estáte, are required to nppenr at a sessiou of said court, then a lie holdpn at the Probate ollice, in the city of Ann An.oi, in said county and show cause, if any there be why the suitl account should not be nllowed. AmL ít is fuitherord -red tbat said administrator give notloe to the persons mteiestcd in said estáte, of the pendeneyof said account and theheariugthereof, by CHUsinjj a eopy of this order to be pubiished in t.he Aun Arbor ArguB, a newspaper primea aDd ctrcnla mg in saiil eouníy, three uocessiYe weeks I)reúous tu i aio dar ol henriog J. WILLAKI) 1! A BU ITT. . i . Judgeofi'robate. (A tr.iecopy.) Wixmam u. Doty. Prob ite Register. Notice to Creditors. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY ot Washtenaw, ss. Notico ia hereby given, thatbyan order of the Probate Oonrt for the County ol' Waahtenair, made on the eiiTbth day of December, A. I). 18S3, six inunths from that date were allowed for creflitors to present their cIhiuib agaiust the estáte of Abbie ílead, late of snid county. deceased.antl tliatall creditors ef said deeoased are leqnired to present theirciaimn to said l'robate Court, at the Probate Office in the city of Ann Arbor, fbrexatninaiion andallowance, on or before che Sth day of Juae next, and that such claims will bo heard betore suid Court on the 8tli day of Murcu, and on the 8th duy of June next, at ten o'clock iu the foienoon of each of said days. Djted Aan ArVior, lie etnber 8, A. D. 1S93. J. W1LLAKD BABWTT. fudee ol Probm. Estáte of Charles Stollsteimer. OTATE OP MICHIGAN, COUNTY O of Wawhtenaw, hs. At a sessioti of the rVohato Court for tli County of Washtenaw, holdtn at the Probate Office in the City ot Ano Ardor, on Wednesday.the 17th day of Jauuary,.n tht year one 1 üouaaml eiiíht hnndred and nim-ty-four. PTeseut. J.VVülardrtabhitt, Judge of Probnte. v ín the mntlpr of the eslate of Ctiar'es Stolleteimer, deceaeed. Josepb T. Shaw, executor of the last will and testament oí said deceused, comes into court and represents thnt he is now prepared to reuder bis final accimnt as such executor. Thereupoü it is ordered, that Monday, the 12thdayof February ten o'clock in the fon noon, be ussisned íor exaiuining and allowing sucli account and that the díivisees, legatees, heirs at law ol said deceased and all otner persone interested iu said estáte, are reqaired to appear at a session of said Uourt, thn to be holden at the Probate Office, in the city of Arm Arbor, in Baid ('uiinty.and ehowoanre, if any there be, why thesnid account should oot be allowed: And it is further ordered, that snid executor ifive notioe lo the persons inreiested in Haid estáte oí the ptndency of said account, and the hearing tbereof, bvcausing a copy ol thia order to be publisbed in the Ann Akbor Argijs, a newspaper printed anti cireulatiug in said County, three successive weeks previoua to said day of hearintr, J. WÍLLARD BABBITT, lAtruecopy] JudRc of Probate. WIIXIAM G. Ioty. Probate Résister. Estáte of John Devine. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY ol Washtenaw, ss. At a nession of the Probate Court for the Cnunty oí Waahteoaw, holden at the Probate Office in the city ot Ann Arbor, od Vednesday. the Uth itay of January. in the vear one ihousand eight hundred and ninety four. Present, J. Willard Uabbitt.Jndge of Probate. In the matter of the estáte ol John Devine, deceased. John Finnegan, the adininistrator of said es tute, comes mío court and represenls that he is now prepared to render his final account a Such itdminiatra'or. Thereupon il is ordered that Tliesday, the !3th day ol Fi bruary next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, be uasined for examiniujr and allowingsuch account, und that the heirs at Uw of aid deceastd, and all other persons interested in áaid estáte, are required loppear atasesi-iun of said court, theu to be holden at ihe Probate office, in thecity of Ann Arbor, in said ,ounty,and show cause, if any there be, vrhy the said account should not be allowed: And it is further ordered, that said adminibtrator give Dotice to the persous inurtjited ín said estáte of the pendency of said account, nnl the hearing thereof, by causing a copy of this order to be published in the Ann Arbor Auguh, a newspaper printed andcirculuting in said couuty, three successive weeks prevituis lo said dav ot heariDg. J WILLABD BABBiTT, ( A truc copy. ) Jutíge of Probate . WlUiIAM O Dott. Probate Reeister. Notice to Creditors. vTATË OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY of Washtenaw, as. Notiouis hereby given, Ihat by an order of the Prob-tte Court for the County of WiMÍiíen i-w, maJp on the 16th rtuy oï January, A. D. lfiyl, 8ïx montha from tliut dalo were allowed forerc-ditors to present their ülaims aaiust the tytate of Wat sou Gvvt late of said county, deeeaaed, and that all creditors of suid deceastd aro required to present their claims to said Probate Court at the Probate office in the city of Ann Arbor, for examiuation and allownce on or before the I6th day of Julv uext, and that sucli claims will be heard betore said L'ourt on the 16th day of April aod on the lfith day oí July ii'.'M, at ven o'clook in tbe foreaooa - of eiicli o! said days. Dated. Ann Arbor, Jannaryl6th, A. D. 1894. J. WILLARD BAHRITT, Jude ot Probate.


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