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Preservation Of Steel Pens

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Alinost all of the inks at present in use in commercial establishments, and especially the cheaper black ones, attack Bteel pens rapidly and make many of the íiner pointed peca useless after a few hours of constant use. M. Guyot suggests a little device by wnich steel pens may be protected against this corroaive action of ink for a very long time. He says: Keep on your table a little cylindrical vessel- a tumbler, for instance - in the bottoin of which have placed a few crystals of potassiüm carbonate and over this a moistened sponge. If, when you finish writing, you will drop your penholder into this giass, letting the penholder rest in contact with the sponge, when you again need it you will find it clean and uncorroded. The same result will be obtained if you occasionally wipe it on the sponge, and subsequently en a dry wiper, during its protracted nss. If you wipe it on the sponge frequently, and putit rightback in the ink, you run the risk ot eventually spoiling the ink in the stand, as well as in writiog a word irnmediately after cleaning, which with some inks will


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