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The New Wagon Factory

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Mr. Birkett, of the proposed new wagon company to be started in this city with $75,000 capital stock, returned to this city last evening. Mr. Birkett is a man of long practical experience, having been with the Millburn wagon company for twenty years, for five years of which he has been its superintendent. He gives up a lucrative salaried place to embark in manufacturing for himself. Mr. Talmadge, the gentleman associated with him, is a traveling salesman of wide experience. The company is already organized, but propose to give up the old organization and organize anew under the Michigan laws with #75,000 capital stock. They have hithcrto been manufacturing only the wagon gears but propose here to manufacture the completed wagon. The gears, which have been manufactured at Cleveland for three years, are made under nine base patents which have been tested and held good in the courts. The principal features of high wheels, low on body and a very short turn, which will permit a two-seated vehicle with horse attached to turn in a sixteen foot alley. Many thousands of these gears have ; been s )ld in all parts of the country from Connecticut to Texas and ; Minnesota to Florida, so that it is not a new thing except as to mak ing completed vehicles. The company propose to put up a three story brick building 60x100 feet with a capacity of 5,000 completed veliicles a year. As has already been stated in the Argus, they have made a contract with the Ann Arbor Agricultural company which is to furnish them power and land on which to erect the buildingand taken $5,000 stock. They propose toraise $20,000 more stock here, the old company to take #30,000 of the stock leaving #20,000 treasury stock to be disposed of as the business may require. Some of our best business men have been looking into the matter and speak very favorably of it. A complete wagon is expected here today, such as it is proposed to manufacture.


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