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Rev. C. B. OaSe is seriously al. Valentines are it) order tbis week. Mrs. Allen is o; the sick lint. La Grippe. Mj and Mrs. Eldredge are ín Adrián this week. The Milati cieamery is doing a line business. John Doekwood is the village nightwatchman. There is a lull in business these storm y days. A. E. i'ntman lias returned trom lus Detroit viMt. Suow shovels were in greal demarid Tuesday morning. There are six blacksmith shops in, proLressive Milan. Mrs. II. 8ill is entertaining guests f rom abiuad this week. Mr. and Mrs. J. C, Kouse are visiting friends in Lodi this week. Mrs. Vm. Woolcott is entertaiuing a brother from Maple Grove. Wrü. Stnich has the frame of hisl new house úp on Wiloox street. The W. C. T. ü. ladies are stilll working lor the good of the cause. ' Prof. Adams, of Detroit, attended i the funeral of his aunt,Mrs. Dr.Palmer, Tuesday morning. Mrs. J. Munay, vvho feil and broke her left ankle a few days aeo is 'doing as nicely as could be expected. Mr. and Soope, of Belleville, were the guests of their daughter, Mrs. Ed. Ilinckley, the last of the week. The Miff Tree drew a f uil house at the Baptist cliurch Friday evening notwithstanding the incleüient wéather. Eev. E. Yager closed the reviva! meetings Friday evening, feeling well pleased with his work. 150 on the conversión roll. Dr. Cassady, of Cone. talks of making Milan his home. La Grippe, hear. listen. Think of that, four doctors in Milan. Your reign is short. A cold wave struck Milan, Mouday, and the wind blew and the snow ilew all day and part of the night. The streets were quite deserted. People were glad to sUty at home and sit by their ñres. The Milan Leader says it is twelye yearsold. It is a smart child, and if it grows for the next twelve years as it has for the Hist twelve years, it will be - well, language fails us; but we will try and find wqrds to wish itgreat success, as we feel it deserves it.


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