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TH05IAS MUÍ CHIN. MAJOR W.-A. SIMFIELD. IBeforeTreatm.nt. After Trwtment. :' Beíore Treatment. Aíter Treatment. gg . Nervous Debility and Catarrh Cured. Blood Disease and Dyspepsia Cured. Thomas Minchinsays: "I was rednced to Major Simfield saya: "I had Dyspepsia I a nervons wreck- only weighed llftpounds. and Catarrh of the Stomach ifor many 1 The resolt of early abase was the canse. I years. To make matters worse I contractI had the following eymptoms : Miserable ed a Constitutional Blood Dieoase. My ■ mentally and physícally, melancholy, bones ached. Blotches on the skin looked 1 ousness, weaknese, specks before the eyes, horrible. I tried eixteen doctors in all. I dizzy, poor memory, palpitation of the A friond recommended Drs. Kennedy & H heart, fiushing, cold hands and f eet, weak Kergaa. I began their New Method TreatI back, dreams and losses at night, tired in ment and in a few weeks was a new man I the morning, pimples on the face, loes of with renewed life and ambition. I canI ambition, burning sensation, kidneys weak not eay too mnch for those scientific aocI etc. Doctors could not care me; bat Drs. tors who have been in Detroit for tourE Kennedy & Kergan by their New MetLiod teen years. I conversed with hnndredu of I Treatment, cured mo in a few weeks. I patients in their offices who were beins H weigh now 170 poands. It is three years cared for different diseases. I recommend (9 6ince I have taken their treatment." them as honest and reliable Pliysicians. H Drs. KENNEDY &KÍSGAÑ I The Celebrated Specialists of Detroit, Mlch. jnriT HKin PUS nUWTCC T(l PliDC Catarrh; Asthma; Bronchitis; ConH TREAT ANÜ GUAHANIth lu lünt 6amPtion w and gy, g Ehearaatism: Nearalgia; Nervous, Blood and Skin diseases; Stornach and Henrt disn Soases; Tapeworm; Pilos; Rnptnre: Impotency; Deafness; Diseafes of the Jïye, Ear, g Nose and Throat; Epilepsy; Diseases of the Kidneys and Bladder; Errors of Youth; E Failing Manhood; Diseases of the Sexual Ürgans: Fomule Woakness; Diseases of Men Hi and Women, and Chronic Diseases in geaerál. They cure when others fail ! m-ONLY CURABLE CASES ARE TAKEN FOR TBEATMEST Their WÜTO MÏÏTIinn ■ T'PlíATMIíVT known the world over, is curini; diseases of every alJ" "J""" luMIJJiüiiM nature that lias !.a"lec! hprrtoíorc : ■ Leal próí pssion. They are not Tamily doctors' - they make a specialty oL Chronic and diiHcnlt dieeases. i nlCClcrC MPPU ThcygnoranteetocureallWeiikneiSofMenariBing I m UloL. RotLO vl I SL'I. trom self abnse, latr excesees oí disease. Young B3 m man, yoti need help. Drs. K. (■ 1, wilL cum yon. Yon muy have ueeu treated by jj S Qoacks - consult Scientifie Doctors. Ko oure, no pay. Oonanit them. DircrtCPC APllArVÏlil v l'-r róffPS-ln eilence? They can cure yon. E S&CAatiSUr m?l ■ maje Weakne Barrenness, I I Displacements. Irrpsrularii v, Hnd pairf-:! periods cuniü in a short Urne. H I Kenowed vitaiity given. lílñstxdtod 11 ■■ Inclose stamp. H nnrU! filCC ÜCJC 5prafr.toricï1 Varicccclí, Clcet, Unnatural M SíLViiAÍ lkiLÍ40Lo. Disckiaiges, Private disease, Strlcture, I M i'lis, andal) lilooddiaeosi. it,! . I Dty. i t jxarü in Detroit -.150,000 n M cores- National repntation. ' - - ■ aoice confidential. ir ESC M nnable U cüH, write for i: ; . ■ - ■ !R5. KENNEDY A KöRQAN, i y Sfc., DETROIT, MICH. H


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