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SÜRRÖÜNDED BY MYSTERÏ! A Great Mistake. A recent discovery is that headacbe, dizzíness, dullness, confusión of the mind, etc., are due to derangement of the nerve centers whieh supply tho brain with nerve forcé; that indigestión, dyspepsia, neuralgia, wind in stomach, etc., arise from the derangement of the nerve centers supplying these organs with nerve fluid or forcé. This is likewise true of many diseasesof the heartandlungs. The nerve system is like a telegraph system, as will be seen by the accompanying the nérvea which sKlng student of nervous diseases, 3nd anthOT of many noted treatises on the latter subject, lo ice realized the truth of the fust s, and hi3 Bestorative Nervlne . i red on that principie. lts snecess n cufinz all dlseases arising from aera ■ i Dant of the nervous system is wenderul, as the thousands of unsolieited tesiimonials in possession of the company mauufacturing the reraedy amply prove. Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervino is i r.-l'-i' Ie remedy for all nervous diseases, sucli ai ïeadache, nervous debility, prostratlon, sleeplessness, dizziness hysteria, sexu;:l d ■ lility, St. Vitus dance, epilepsy, etc. It is lold by all druggists on a positive guarantee, or sent direct by the Dr. Miles Medical ('o., ïlkhart, Ind., on receiptof price, il per bjttle, six bottles for $5, express prepaid. Kestorative Nervinepositively contUi-.s nc opiates or dangerous drugs. i f Solcl by Drvjffarists Every where. UWWWiMWW ■ iwum ----'f- - -i-r-v-"--TT-Tnri-ii-rip-TT"i i i ] GO %Í g II pí B II! 1 : g IS I i 4. si % 'l I cq w Io. h 9 si 3 a il il F. C. SCOTT, DEAIF.H IK Limsp (kbld&ed Flastar, Mé I Louisville and Portland Cements, Hair, Buok eye, Mowers and Binders and Machine Oile. I Offlee and Warerooins in the Finnetrm Block, Detkoit Street.


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