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KUSISKSá D1KET4HY. { ) A. MAC LACHLAH, M. D. Hilases of the EYE, líAií, NO8E ml T1IKOAT Office, of .Main am] Washington Streete Kepldenco. U 9. StMe Street. Restrtence tlepbone, No. 1:8. office telepbone No. i:i. Hours: 1O a. m. to 12 and 1 to 5 p. m, E1IHTJ IB. OIEÑTID. JTTSTTCB OF THB PkAi K Aid Notiirv Publlo rmiveyancitijj doce and; UEAL KE-TATK boughtand s d on coidujIrBion. Patroüp.g-esolioited . No. 6 N. Mata át. ATTORNEYS. t' B. NOltKlí ATTORNKY AT JjA W . ■ ■ h Kiioral lawcoiJcctiouanü cooveyanc.vf f.usiuess. A modérale shuie oí your watT-cage respeottiilly tollcited. oftieo, 16 E Hurón Street, upetairs. C K. WILUAMS, Attcrnev ú LawandPensieü Cl&im Áttontr, MILÁN, MICH. CM5VPv:iriong and Colleotlons. DEMTISTS. y W. NÏOI10L8 D. I)., DENTIST. 'n thoold St. Jaiuee Hotel BIuh. '!V:etb extended TvUhcutpiiiQ oy uscj of nuüzedau. A C. NICHO L.. DENTIST !ate of Nlohols Broa. Over Adams'a Ba?.ai No. l:'Soutb JMuin street. WAÏSSTED. HICKÖ8Ï TI1EE. I will pny i-i'J oo pet cord, cash, for triotiy firsl ijualny, econd growth Hickorjr Uutts, sui!"i!le for Axí llandles, delivered at my shuji, G, W. DICK1NS0N, Ypsilanti, EEPOET OF THE COTOITION OFTHE nir Sí mm mi - AT - ASN UIIÍOR, MICHIGAN. At the close of businosa, July 12, 1893. RESOiritCES. jO&n and discour. ts $26?. i: itocks. KomJB and ilongages, etc. 87,715 07 )verdrafl 3,63976)ue from reserve cities. 17,362 SI One from other tauk3 aiul beukers, 2,069 5C Puefrom Wai-htenaw Co 1,315 1 ■umitureandüxtures 2,000 OC 'nrrt-Ht pxpenf e-a a.nd lale paid 25 911 nterest paid 387 38OheckaaDd c-asb it-is 3,640 2t Jíickelsund pmiiies. 21'J 4Soldcoin 10,SS00O Silver coin 1,98330 J.S. andNatiouc)] Bank Sots 13.568 0 Tota) .ill,0m LIAtiTl.ITIES. CapitalMock paid i); $ 50,000 00 Surplus fund 20,000 ) rjndixide-lproftts 5,786 (te Dividends uDpaid 185 5fr Individual deposita 99,97902 OaitiflcatPaof d 'posii 152,94859 8avin(!S l"po.-jl 82,200 33 Total $411,099 52 STATK OF MICHIGAN, ) Coiiniv of Vrtsbteuaw, ( s8' I, FredvTiek U. Belser, Cashier of the above oamed Yrniik -io solemnly ívoar that tbe above statemfnt ia tn.e to th? b bi of my knowledgft andbelk-f. F. H. Belser, Cashiet. COBRBOT- Atli'St . AmB'iOXH Kkarnev, 1 W 1'. IÏKHAKKV, VDirec!oi-s. Edwakd Uukkv, I Svib-cribod RQrt sworn to bcfore methis líHb day af July, L893. H. A. Williams. Notary Public.


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