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An Insidious Conspiracy

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Under our theory of goverment all authority emanates from the people. Henee no more insidious crime against our institutions can be committed, than to deliberately falsify and override their expressed wi41. That such an infamous crime has been committed here in Michigan, and that it was the consumation of a delibérate conspiracy, is beyond controversy. By this atrocious act the very charter of our institu tions has been changed. Nor is evidence lacking which leads to the conclusión that this is not the first time the people have been similarly defrauded. If we would maintain our institutions in their intergity, therefore, the authors of this perfidy must be ferrited out and punished in a manner that will be a wholesome lesson to all who would follow in their footsteps. The officers of the law have their stint laid out before them and they must prosecute their quest with unremitting vigilance. No lukewarmness on the part of the officials is expected or will be tolerated. No sort of "inflooance" must be allowed to stand between the conspirators and justice.


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