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u I : -íl ! ;: ( i We aro oflerixig; a two J ( i ( QUaM fnntitalu syrlnge píete, fir $1.00. We have etliers, made ofbetter rubI ï)cv, for more money, lt ( this one is pretty good. ( Calkins' Pharmacy. WANTED. FOR SALE, ETC. i NOIf-CNIoN Carpenter Maving $400, or a yoiing inanquick ro learn carpen ter work, wlth same aniomt. eau torm i partnership wiïli i i'tirppiiter and builder wbo can get plenty of work at good priccs. Addresa, (i. I). Grej? vy, 183 Waebiiuiton Boulevard, Chicago, 111. fASH I'A'i) for HardwoodSaw Logs. Air drieit Hatdwood I.umber on hand. A BUtees' faw Mili. 3w FOR SA r.K- lirick house at corner of South Lniversity and Forest Ares. Inquire at the house. 34 F'OK 8ALE-At74East Washington St. Two fokling ljedswitli iiiattresses, one pairpilI0W8, 0110 oonimo'lc with mirror, one )ong sofa; one rocker, hall nud hanquet lamps. F OU SALB- Five acres on West Huron Street. Goood houee, barn. orchard. HeauUfllof!ation. Will si.jioneaey terms. Applv to or adrtrp-? K. D. David, West Huron Street, Ami rlicr, MirhfgRn. 7tf FOR SALE AND TO RENT.-Several good f arms, f arraing lands and city proprty improvoo and unimproved, on very oasv terms. Frauklln L.Parker.24 Ann St,, Ann Arnot". f HA.VEL8hn f the Mummoth ('lover SeeJ i whioh 1 uili sell CorïO.OO per hu. within the next ten ú ya. AüdressE. G. Bartlett, Eraery, Mich.ovujpiyni ,„„ ihwrsicrn romer of town Suijcnor. I OSt1.- Á brown horse wlth white star la t-t rorehead aqd one wliite hind foot, havinw on au uld harnese and hitobed to open buggy, was lost --uturday. the :id. Any peison possessinfï iriiorinatioii of the si. me will kindly inforni Etnll Stabler, Dexter, Mloh. PIANO TL'NING.- A. D. BrowTi, the well known plano tuiier with C. J.Whitney, wiU bein iheeity soon. Orders left at theARGOS oiüc-e will reoelve liis attention. npO VBNT.-At No. 8" S. State St. A Hat of l tixrooiuH. Bnquire at 18 S. State St. rJStf 'i'O KFNT iMimi-liod house heated with i funutee, in soul order. Apply to Noa.h tl. lluirs. liix-.m I8,Mas0nie Rlock. I Ski A u suiiiry ami axpensea. PorI IVlM'' uianent plat.M1: whole or part time. Apply ;it oocfc. Brown Co, NuriteTynieaL, CiiicaRO STA TEMENT i , of the Financial Couditlon of the , DECEMBER 30, 1993. ASSETS. 1 i 'a-u in ham a of Treasuror $ 2,480 18 ; Loans on MorttrageB 39,32180 ; Lohiis oii Sfook plódfced. 1.785 (KI : Talies aclvanced 58S Insurance advaueed TSB8 J48.8T2 7 MABIL1XIE8. Due Slttireholders on Installunuits paJd lu $2(i,lU8T T)tKï ShareluiUU rs on Ii'idtnrls cleclarea - 847888 j Hi)i J'aynble .. .- 8,400nO , 1 adlTidefl Proflts 18017 143,872 75 State 01 Michioak, i ('OUNTY Oí' WA8HTEN IW, I (ïotlob i.üii-L tJ'-csident, and John K. Miner, Sc '''iarv. bin!ur (iuly sworn, depoae and suy tti;i !. ihr i- a truc and complot e I stntement of Lhé BnanoiaJ condition of the 1 AjtAArbor Sjivmjï Association as shown by '. Uïfir boolcs ïil :ilu)vc (l.itr. G LUieSK, President .IWO. K. MINKR, Secretary. Swiini ut :;d' subcirlbed before me tliis 1 ïd tinv .f Febvuary. is!t4. F. H. BELSKS, Notary Public. AknStrbet. CH0ICE8T CUTS OF STEAKS. All kind of MEATS AND SAUSAGES. ' Fresb ;tl iry iaatock. Poultry mseason. M


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