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The type for the new Germán weekly has arrived. Elmer E. Beal has become a full fledged Knight Templar. The Acacia club gave a very pretty valentine party at Granger's academy. Don't fail to cut out your coupons found on the fourth page of the Argus. The Columbian masquerade ball and cake dance at the nnk, VVednesday nis;ht,clrew out a large audience. The Mask ball at the Rink on Washington 's birthday by the Ann Arbor Rifles will prove a popular eveut. The missionary societies of the Presbyterian church meet at the parsonage at threeo'clock thisafternoon. Frank Duggan, a vagrant, was sent to jail for five days by J'ustice Pond, Tuesday for begging on the streets. The Ann Arbor Agricultura! Company have received an order för plovvs, rakes and mowers from Nova Scotia. Mrs. Alice Turner Merry gave a lecture on "Americanized Delsarte" in Frieze Memorial hall, Wednesday eveuing. B. F. Watts was elected one of the trustees of the Grand Lodge Knights of Honor at the Lansing meeting yesterday. The recent recital given in the high school by the pupils of Mrs. Trueblood's elocution class netted fifty dollars. The annual meeting of the Washtenaw.county Sunday school association will be held in Ypsilanti, March 13 and 14. Tne Congregational church will hold services during Lent on Wednesday and Friday evenings with sermons by the pastor. Don't forget the Max Hrinrich concert, tonight in University hall, m event long looked forward to in the Choral Union series. Mr. and Mrs. N. Woodmansee, of Geddes avenue, narrowly escaped suffocation Monday night by gas escaping from a coal stove. Mrs. Frederika Sclanderer, who had a stroke of paralysis Wednesday, died yesteiday morning. She was the widow of Chas. H. Schlanderer. John B. Dingmann, of Ann Ar3or, has been granted a pension. His claim hung fire for years until Representative Gorman took hold af it Registration for the second semester of the School of Music is in progress this week. Prof. btanley's office hours are from 9 to 12 and 1 to 5. The fall of snow Monday was nine inches here, but it drifted so that many places were bare, while others were covered with four or five f eet of snow. Bills for work on the sewer during this month amounting to $1,830.62 were approved by the board of public works at their meeting, Wednesday evening. The new time table which went into effect on the Michigan Central Sunday will be found in another column. Some marked changes have been made. Albert Peters, of Detroit, has just finished putting in combination gas and electric fixtures in the palatial residence of George W. Bullis, 72 Washtenaw avenue. "A Girl with a Temper" is the title of the new play written by Alfred'Hennequin to be played here by Miss Agnes Herndon, Monday evening, February 26. City Engineer Brigden, of Battle Creek,was in the city this week. He says the Battle Creek lateral sewers were put in at a cost of 75 cents per foot front for each lot. The firm of Goodspeed & Sons, of this city, are interested in a thriving shoe firm in Richmond, Indiana, with A. J. Diehl, the firm name there being Goodspeed & Diehl. 'Tis wrong to cheat the banker out of his dues, 'tis worse to beat the cobbler who mends our boots and shoes; there may be pardon for the wretch who steals your wood and coal, but the man who cheats the printer will surely lose his soul. - Ex. A paper will be rea;l at tHe Sundáy ovenir Vesper service ja St. Amlrevv's cUurch, by Mr. F. M í?.i con, dent, '95, 011 the subject " VhShonld I Become a Church-mera ber ? ' ' The animal cu-etfang 01 cutí "Washtenaw County Sunday School association" will be held in Ypsilariti, March 1 3 r h and I4th. A very interestin; programme has becii prepared. A serious and painful accident befell Hazel, the 2-year oíd dáughter of Mr. and Mrs. Al. St. Clair. on Saturday last. She feil from a chair backward and broke tlur collar bone. A series of sermons on the dance, the theatre, etc, will begiji in the M. Ë. churcli next Sunday eveniug. The topic of the first lecture is 'Popular amusements wéighed in iron balances." The Timts chronicles it as a remarkable fact that not a bushel ot wheat was received at the milis ín this city during the blizzard of Mon day.' It would have been remarkable had a bushel been received. VV'illiam St. Clair, with the VAc.ctric Light company, will now have an assistant in "wire pulling." He will not cotumence work for a few years, however, as he arrived only this week. It is a bright little son. On Wednesday evenings during Lent, at the 7:30 service the Rev. Henry Tatlock, will sprak on "The Council of Niceaea " ; and at the Friday afternoon services, at 5 o'clock, the Rev. E. M. Duff, bas chosen for his theme "The Sacrament and the Service ot' the Holy Communion." The following organizations have accepted invitations to take part in the Arm Arfaor Rifles' carnival parade. A. P. A's (bran new), Boiler House club, Politician's club, Tail End Democrats, and Light Foot club. The masked ball will be held on the evening of February 22, at the link. At the Unity Club on Monday evening next, Feb. 1.9, the Rev. Fr. E. D. Kelley, of St. Thomas' Catholic church, of this city, will give his lecture upon Cardinal Neuman. This lecture was postponed from Feb. 5, two weeks. It is expected that this lecture will be one of the best of the season. The second meeting of the Political Equality club will be held at Newberry building, on State street, at three o'clock this afternoon. Hereafter meetings will be held on every altérnate Friday without further notice. Over a hundred ñames were secured before the first meeting of the club of wliom sixty were present at the first meeting. The Rev. Robert A. Holland, D. D., of St. Louis, Mo. , Slccum-Lerturer for 1893-94 before the Hobart Guild, will begin his course on "Divine Manhood, or the Highest Good," on Sunday next in St. Andrew's church. Dr. Holland will preach at the 10:30 morning service on "St. Paul," a sermón introductory of the course. The first lecture will be delivered at the 7:30 evening service, special subject, "Following after Wind." The lectures for next week are scheduled as follows: Tues. Feb. 20, 8 p. m., Harris hall, "The Noise of Waterspouts " ; Thurs., Feb. 22, 8 p. m., Harris hall, "Midsummer Night's Dream."