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Genius And Heredity

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Tbe world is not going to suffer throngh the decline of maternity arnong the upper classes. Oot from the ranks of the poor and unlettered will spring statesmen or actors, mnsicians, poets, scholars and reforméis, who shall keep the great machiueryof the world ii motion and whoshall in their turn, according to a natural law. die without noteworthy oft'spring and give place to Otbers to rise trom imlooked for sources. Dia great brain produce greater brain, did genius produce greater genius, tiou one generation to auother, tbe earth wonld soon groan nnder tin bppiession of tyrantsof colossal intelieotnal pow, asii now groana ouder the tyrants of inberited thrunes and fortunes. It iawell for humiiuity at largo that genins caanot be entailed. Time is doing away with thrones, and niay (-ioil sneed tho day when great wealth, too, hall reaeh its liiuit with each generation, aid a awnopolv of human rigfats become au isa; possibility!-


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