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The Real David Crockett

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Mrs. Ibbie Gordon of Clarksville, Tes., wbo was born in 1805, was once introduced to David Crockett. Descrïbing the incident, she eays: '"It was in the winter of 1831, not long af ter Crockett had been defeated for congress in Tennessee. We heard that Crockett had cro3sel Red river. and fearing that he might uot come throtigh Clarksville, but keep on the old Traxnmell trail, we {atended to meet him. Jane, then a girl of 18, rode behind rae, and Betsy Latirner followed on a pony. We overtook Crockett and his party at the house of Pidwaid Deen, about fonr miles Í froru Clarksvillc. It was early in the morning, and when Mrs. Deen saw ns ! shesaid, 'Mrs. Clark, what in the name ■ of God brings yon here at this time of the day' 'My horse bronght me,' 1 answere'l, and then 1 told her I waifted soine brealcfaet. We went into the I house, and a friend, who had known Crockett ín Tennessee, introduned ns. Crockett was dressed like a gentleman and not as a backwoodsinan. He did not wear acoonskiii cap. It has always disgusted me to read these accounts of Crockett tbat characterize him as an ignorant uackwoodsman. Neither in j dretis, conversation nor beanng conld i he have created the impression that he was ignorant or unconth. He va a I man of wide practical iufoi'ination and j was diguified and entertaining. His j laneaaee was about as good as any we I hear nowadays. "-


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