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"cold, Ain't It?"

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ïhe morning was a cold one- that I knew beyond a doubt, Sa I made my prepar&tionsbefore I started out, ! t'ut on in y warmest ulster and lurned up its I collar rare, Then in overahoee and mittens soueht the keen ! and froiy air. First I met whr Uocle Dan'l, man of color, oíd and gruw. And he ftreet' l nie politely, theñ tliis information gave- "Cold, aln't it?" Thencanie Jeijkins- he's a farmer- riding o'i a loR! oí Un'. Swathed In lciis and Bhawls and mufflers, ye( he fouud a vbice to say- "ColU, ain't it'" Pretty littlo widowCollyer.frolnguptóSmlth'a for milk. Paosed ji.t ioneenyugïi to muricur from be neaih hel' bood of 6Ük- "Cold, aiü'l it?" The btaraii clerk from nis window gave to n: a pleas&nt sniile. As he handed me my letter, piping out in parrot style- "Cold, ain't il?" My barber while he shaved me, my eroc'ry keeper, too. Indeed ov'ry one that knew me kept the fact held up to view- "Cold, ain't iti" 80011 I began to ponder and discovered with surprise That my neighbors must be thinking me all foolish or all wise With their- "Cold, ain't it?" Why, I knew beyond denial that it was a f rosty day, But they must have thoughtldidn'twhen they haatened all to say- "Cold, ain't it?" Siill they reoognized my wisdom and the knowled&e 1 had got Wheu they told me it was frotty and then asked me if 'twas not, With "Cold. ain't it?"


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