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Getting Even

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'Tve Rot evn with Effivat lastl" criod i the ;drl witli thn black and white hat. "I'm glad to lipur it," rcM) nded the Kir] i with the blue pfelisse. "It'sthe next thing ' to getting eren witta her myself." "Yes. I've o wed her one ever since the ! time she told Ned there was powder on his ', shoulder after he had beeu dauciug with i yie." "Tbey put so oiutih pon-der in our glovea Dowadays tbat it wil] sift throuh sometinies," put. in the gir] 'vith the bluepeliese. "Yes, indeed. Hovv sensible yon are! But to return to E(fie:' "It isrr t auy easy matter to gct even with her, is it?" "Easy enough now. She's really in love with Toni, so she. can't manage him as well as she does the other men." "I-Iuinphl But how did you manase it?" "Oh, it happened most unexpectedly. I dropped in with Sue and Madge to get a cup of tea at her house yesterday. I saw that she was a bit aRitated, aud just as I was leaving Tom was announced. Effle was pouring Madge another cup in the back parlor, and I started forward to greet Tom before she oould get there and dropped my mufE in my haste." "Aïas Tom wearing as large a chrysanthemum as usual?" "Larger. He was carrying a lovely bunch of them too. 'Allosv me, Miss Sara,' he said. I reached for the flowers like a flash. 'Thauks, awfully,' I crieil; 'how lovely of you to bring them to me!' " ! "You didn't! Why, they were for" "Effie, of course, but he couldn't say a word. You should have seen his face, thouh, when he handcd me my mud." 'Oh, and tbink of Eílie'.s rage at seeinst him, as she thought, pvessnt you with the ■ flowers. Her face must have been a study." '"Of couise; 1 couldn't aee it, but when I heard the crash of one oL her cherished teacups I kne.w th::t I was aveaged. I'U have to watch her closely af ter this, though," she . added, withastgh, "fnrshe'll get even with ■ me soaiehow or perisb in the atteuipt." -


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