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i Alfred Schmacher was in Detroit, , Tuesday. Eugene Koch, was in Detroit Tuesday on business. J. G. Humphrey, of Monroe, was in the city Wednesday. W. R. Goodsell, of New Vork: was in the city, Wednesday. George J. Crowell, of Cheisea.j was in the city, Wednesday. William Carapion, of 90 North Main street, is on the sick list. O. L. Heath, of Detroit, was ia, Ann Arbor Tuesday on business; Clark Otis, of Hastings, is visit: - ing relatives and friends in the city. Willis Clark returned Saturday from a week's visit in Barry county. Grant E. Jenkins, of Detroit, isi expected Monday to visit his father. G. C. Healey, of New Brunswick, was in Ann Arbor, Tuesday. Chas. Sundige, of Kalamazoo, was in the city on business, Ttifjsday. Benjamin J. Cramer, of New York, was here on business Tuesday. A. H. Newton, of Hudson, was registered at the Germania Tuesciay. William S. Frost, of Genesee, is visiting his mother, Mrs. Julia Frost. Ralph W. Pritchard, of Jamestown, N. Y., was in the city, Wednesday. Mrs. J. W. Holden, of Jackson, is visiting her sister, Mrs. John 0. ]enkins. Mrs. Louis Rehberg, of Detroit, lias been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Rehberg. C. H. JThorp, who is interested in the trade issue of the Times, is in the city. Eugene Wagner, assistant mailing clerk at the post office, went to Detroit, Tuesday. Dr. Pyle, pension examiner of this district, was in the city Tuesday and Wednesday. Hiram Wilsey, of Washington, D. C, who has been visiting in the city, has returned home. Paul Waltz and wife, of Grand Rapids, attended the funeral of Mrs. Williana Goetz, Tuesday. Supervisor Osborne, of Sharon, and A. F. Freeman, of Manchester, j in the city, Tuesday. Prof. Reubcn H. Kempf, of 22 South División street, was in Detroit on business, Tuesday. J. S. Blitz, of New York, representing Lehr & Frick, was in the city, Wednesday, on business. Mr. and Mrs. John Keek, who have, for the past ten days, been in Chicago carne home, Wednesday. . Chas.. J. Conrath, of Geddes avenue, attended the state meeting of the Horticultural society at Charlotte. Michael Donahue, of 88 North Main street has been incapacitated for business this week through illness. , A. W. Slayton, of Tecumseh, the basswood king, was in the city Wednesday and called at the Argus office. Mrs. Julius Ziegler, mother of Mrs. Wm. L. Frank, is spending a few1 weeks with friends and relatives 1 in Detroit. Thomas J. Cavanaugh, Esq., of Paw Paw, has been visiting his brother school comnrissioner, M. J. Cavanaugh. Mrs. Mary Klotz, of Sc. Catherines, Ontario, who has been visiting her father, Christian Eberbach, returned home Wednesday. Chas. H. Smith, representing the Standard Oil Co., of Cleveland, O., was in the city Wednesday iooking after the interests of that mammoth corporation. Tav Ludwick, of Chicago, is registered at the Germania and he says times are beginning to look a iittle more cheerful in the Windy City than they did the first of the winter. Mrs. Emeline Cheever celebrated the eighty-fifth anniversary of her birth yesterday at the residence of her son, Judge Noah W. Cheever, a number of her friends being invited to assist her in doing it. Minister to Corea, J. M. B. Sill, returned from Washington, Tuesday, where he had been to cali on the President and Secretary of State for the purpose of receiving his final instructions. He expects to start for his post within the next ten days. He will go by way of San Francisco. Mr. Wm. VV. Wedemeyer left last night for Kalamazoo, where he will -spend a few days before going to Chicago as the representative of the Michigan University in one of the Union League meetings to be held on February 22. The subject of his oration is "Some Lessons from the "Lffe of Washington." It is a considerable honor to be selected as the representad ve of a great university j ín such a contest. ohn J. Knapp, of Freëdom, and John Keppler. of Anti Arbor town, attcndeü a state cpnvention ui' the Genua;. Mutual Itisuratice Co. in Grand Rapids last Tuêsday anti Wednesdav. Messrs. Knapp and Keppler are prosperous farmers and representativa mea of tonships. Mr. John Heinzeman, of the firm of Heinzeman and Laulengayer, and fred Besimer, wlio have been rusticating at Stravvberry Lake for the past week, came home Wednesday evening feeling amply repaid for their trip, havíng captured fully a dozen pickerel weighing all the way from 2} to iY2 pounds.