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Michigan Mutual Life Insurance Co.

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TWENTY-SIXTH ANTCUAL STATEMENT OF DETROIT, MICH., For the Tear Ending December 31, 1893. REVESáUE ACCOUNT. ReceiveJ for Premiums S1.O88.853 68 Receivcdfor Interest and Bents , 303.O41 86 Totd Income Sl.385,895 53 DisburEcincnts for Death Claims, Dividends, Matured Insurance, Surrender Values, and all Expenses ■ - -.. 809,057 86 Balance to Investment Account ... S 476,838 27 ASSET ACCOUNT. Cash in Bank 193,303 79 First Morcgage Licns on Real Estáte 3,025,315 6e Real Estile, including Home Office Building 333,154 43 Loans to Pol icy Holdcrs securedby Reserves 440,878 77 Agcnts' Balances 4,857 O3 Bills Receirable - 40,825 OO Bonds and Collatcrals _ 40,033 7G Interest and Rents Accrucd 60,919 Interest and Items Due - 46,25o 67 Outstandiilg Premiums, secured by Reserve Fund (20 percent loadme deducted) ,XáÁ 2A Deferrcd Premiums, sec ured by Reserve Fuiul {20 per cent. loading oeducted) 9,100 Total Assets 4,563,633 34 UA3ILJ72E3. Amoimt of Reserve Fund, American Tab!c Wi per cent.) 84,005,148 95 Depos.tsof Policy Hoidr5 _ ,?'?? Death Claims not due X A %L Surplus 641,077 S Total 4,563,63 3 New Kisks assumed in 18Ö3 7,175,918 IS Increase of Assets 515,390 93 Increase of Surplus 84,118 70 The total amount paid to Poliey Holders by thi Company to date is - 4,670,614 65 0. E. LOOKEE, Pres't. H. F. PEEDE, Secretary. S. E. MÏÏMrOED, lst Vice-Pres't. G. Y. SANDEES, Aotnaiy. J. W. DUSENBÏÏET, 2d Vice-Pres't. Gen. "W. P. EAYNOLDS, Oomnlting Aotnaiy, Fór Kates uud iJians of Insurance apply to B. J. CONÍÍA1), Agt., Ann Arbr, Miclü.


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