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Off For The Sandwich Islands

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now, even of those who can afforc such a trip. In Portfolio No. 3 ol "Photographic Tour of the World" that our readers are enjoying, the far off Sandwich Islands are brought to our firesides, These are the first plates on Hawaiian subjects produced, and as usual the Argus is quick to take the lead in presenting them to its readers. Kirst comes a photograph of the Government building, inwhich started the movement which drove the queen from her throne. Here the Provisional government was proclaimed Jan. 17, 1893. The grounds are made beautiful by the luxuriant growth of tropical plants and trees. The photograph of a Hawaiian girl gives a good idea of the mixed breed of the inhabitants and the stage of development civilization has reached. The lavish use of flowers to decórate her person is one of the strongest characteristics of the native Hawaiian girl. It is a tropical country, and we are prepared to be reminded in the Birdseye of Honolulú of an old New England city, hidden away among the trees, and little visible outside of the more important city and government buildings and homes of royalty, except narrow gables, lean-to kitchens and visor-like verandas. The city is embowered amidst trees, flowers, giant ferns and cacti of endless variety and marvelous development. Some of the grandest scenery on earth is found in the Island. Waipio Valley shows abrupt mountains on one side, throwing shadows from a snow-topped height of many thousand feet upon a scène of warmth and life on the lake and along the beach below. The Waipio Falls tumble a distance of 1,400 feet and rival in beauty anything in our own country. The photographs in the coltection showing most characteristically life in Hawaii, are the modern Hula Dancers, Native Grass Huts and family group, ,Hawaiian Canoe, and Hula Dancers in Early Native Costume. In this latter, the costume seems to consist of little aside from tube roses in the hair and a roundabout of native grass matting about the waist, extending half way to the knees. The dance given by these girls was at one time part of the degraded religieus ceremonies practiced on the Islands, and it long outlived the fall of heathenism. Public sentiment no long favors its performance openly, but it can still be seen if any one cares to search it out. King Kalakaua retained a paid band of these dancers during his reign, and was fond of the most immoral forms of the dance, and tried to reintroduce them into common use. The native canoe, sharp as a knife-blade, is an object of interest, with its clumsy outrigger to keep it "right side up with care." Many of us saw one of these at theWorld's Fair, but its attraction is greater when seen afloat, and in its native haunts. The other pictures are all beautiful and interesting, but we will only mention the concluding one, "The Leper Settlement on Molokai." This is a narrow península, with the ocean on three sides, and on the fourth inaccessible precipices. Here, cut from all coramunication with the world, yet known of all civili.ed mankind, these outcasts conduct themselves like the people of another planet. That is, they depend only upon themselves, have their own local government, pólice, school, etc. , and maintain themselves wholly apart from all the rest of the world.


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