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Dr. Holland's First Lecture

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To students interestedin the study of ethics, the course of lectures now being delivered in St. Andrew's church and Harris hall by one of the most erainent Hegelian scholars in the country, will prove a rare attraction. The object of the course, under the general title of "Divine Manhood or the Highest Good," is to show a religious basis of morality to be the only possible foundation. On Sunday evening last in St. Andrew's church the lecturer, under the special title, "Following after Wind," delivered a forcible, clear and logical refutation of the Spencerian ethics. That no special training in philosophy is necessary to an appreciation of these lectures was shown by the attention given by the whole audience to the speaker, whose subject-matter was as tree as possible from technicalities and abounded in illustrations of the keenest humor. The new and popular school of morality, which teaches "the greatest happiness to the greatest number" as the highest jood, was brought to a reductio ad absurd u in. To say that because virtue always brings happiness, therefore happiness is the highest good, is as logical as to say, "A man receives nourishment only through the gullet; therefore the gullet is the man!" "Happiness" as used by Spencer and his school means the same thing as "enjoyment," "tickled feeling," pleasurable sensation. As a matter of psychology, a pleasurable sensation can be knovvn only when it is Eelt. To talk about such a thing as a "sura of pleasure" is therefore absurd. There is furthermore no ogical place in the "Pleasure Morality" for distinguishing between "higher" and "lower" pleasure; ieeling is simply feeling; and no mere verdict of majorities can convince a man that what is pleasant for him is less righteous than that which pleases a large number of his neighbors. In short, when "Pleas urism" begins to talk about "righteous" and "unrighteous" pleasures, t surrenders its whole position. The logica! ontcome of "PieasurI isni as a moral systero is "every man tor himself." Tonight, (Tuesday), at 8 o'cloclt, in lïarris Hall, Dr. Holland will lecture on the Social Organism as the Highest Good, under the tïtle : "The Noise of Waterspouts." The remaining subjects and dates of the six lectures will be given later.