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Elopement In Waterloo

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The Jack Patriot of Tuesday, the 13th, says: "Saturday aftenioon the 18 ! years old daughter of Geo. Archenbronn, of Waterloo, left home, saying slie was going to the postoffice. She went to a neighboring farm, however, where a young man some years her senior was at work, and with whom slie had been friendly tor some time contrary to her parents' wishes, and told him she had left home never to return. Such being the case they concluded they would be marned, so he got what money was due him and the couple started on foot for Stockbridge, where they intended taking the evening train for this city. Somehow they lost their way, and after walking some 6 miles reached Stockbridge too late or tbe train. They coucluded to stop ver nigbt at the Stoll house, where hey registered as A. L. Freeuian and ile, of Dansville. Her parents heard f her action and her father and brothrs followed their trail. They arrived n Stockbridge Sunday aftenioon and ook the young girl home by máin 'orce." A special frotn Stockbridge to the )etroit Tribune has this account of the affair: "Wm. Eothman and Emma Archenbronn attempted to elope last Saturday. The girl, 18 years of age, Jeft her home and they set out afoot for this village, where they intended to take the evening train for Jackson. Having come by a round about way they lost their way and got left. No train s run hert; Sunday and they were obliged to put up at the hotel. Yesterday the woMld-be bride's father made his appearance on the scène, and with the aid of three men promptly carried her home by main force. Rothman hopes to have the maiden of his choice, and has gone to Jackson to procure a li cense." The erratic conduct of Miss Archenbronn is greatly deplored by her many friends. She is a pretty, attractive girl, and her family is highly esteemed and respected.


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