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Weak, Nervous And Diseased Men

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I Ihtbueh early indiscrotion ac3 later excesíes. Self atraso and Constitataonal Blood WJ I Diseaaes have ruined and wrocked lue life of many a promising young man. Have you EU I MJ (Sf the f ollowiiie Symptoms: Nervous and Deapondent; Tired in Mormng; Is o AmbiI ItEtt; Memory Poor; Éaíly Ftigued; Excitable and Irritable; Eyes "j J1! i ÖK Face: Dreams and Drains at Night; Bestles; Haggard Loolnng; Blotehes; 8ore f Ttrroat; Èair Loose; Pain8 in Body; tanken Eyes; Lifelees; Distrnstfnl and Lack of I Eïwsrity and Strength. Our New Meitod Treaíment will batid you up mentaü?, physicauy I and sexuaUy. KT' S DRS. KENNEDY_& KERGAN Sa BBb ' " At 14 yeara of age I learned a bad habit which almost rnined ■ ijs me. I became Kervous and weak. lly back tronbled me. I could I v3l 4gË& etand no exertion. Head and eyes becaine dull. Dreams and ■ V -Zrl drains at night weakened me. I tried seven Medical Firma, ElecW-X %l$Ek trie Belts, Patent Medicines and Family Doctors. They gave ma fÜiiV "ZsOÉÊëi EO help. A friend advised me totry Drs. Kennedy & Kergan. They mk --TWfëÊi sent me one month's treatment and it cured me. I could feel ■P myself gainint; every day. Their A'aw Melhod Treatment aires wi Clinomh aUttoaiU." They have curad many of my frienda." 7%, n nuuni se hei bui. ? K " gome 8 years ago I contracted a serions blood ■ W5 éW( disease. 1 went to Hot Springs to treat f or syphilie. Mercory almost ■ y flll killed me. After a while the symptoms again appeared. Throat M ( .- --il becamo sore, pains in limbs, pimples on face, blotehes, eyes red, ■ 1Vl loss of hair, glands enlarged, etc. A medical friend adyised Drs. I 7 r=f7WT0j Kennedy & Kergan's New Method Treatment. It cnred me, and I have ■ {AJJJIí' haci no symptoms for five years. I am mamed and happy. Asal vO doctor Í heartiiy recomend it to all who have this terrible disease- ■ CureSTyeiioT lyplUUt." it will eradicato the poison fa-om the blood. cpTd Í5 YEARS ÍN DETROIT. 150.000 CÜRED. I ï lü " I am S3 years of age, and married. When yonnc I led a f m. W ay Early indiscretions and later exceso made troublo Í & W for me. I became weatc and nervous. My kidneys became 7 L M ' affected and 1 feared Bright's disease. Married hf j ws 8atis!.' Sr "actorV and my home nnhappy. I tried everythmg-aU failedtiU U. ÊÈ-3, 1 took treatment from Drs. Kennedy and Kergan. Their New f-; Method built me up mentally, physically and sexually. I Eeel _Jp. VSw- -fe and act like a man in every respect. Try taein. WkjjT. w No Ñames Used Without Written r Consent of Patiënt. I Cuieu in time. . r never laüs in cnring Diseasea of men. I H OUP NeW MethOd Treatment u strengthens the body, stops all 1 drains and losses, parifies the blood, clears the brain, builds up the nervous and aexual I rruarTnrereon. neWllt,. raUInjC M-Uood, I i S-hlÍlL ■í?Icoce?f'trictare,Gleet,Uiiataral olscUarjees, W?akP'art8andAlÍKiduey and Bladder ulseaseg. iniPllirilinrn Drs. Kennedy & Kergan are the leading specialista of ■ I KIMrlVlKrK América. They gnarantee to cure or no pay. Their repuI II C If 1 1 If I D L R tation and fifteen yeara of business are at stake Yon IrunToriBk. Write them for an honest opinión, no matter who treated you. It may 1 save you years of regret and suffering. Charges reasonable. Wnte for a Questïoii L,ist and Bodk Free. Consultation Free Ql I DRS. KENNEDY & KERGANBlbg


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