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jIOOOI ; y Meáis f or Five Cents Hf Each person eats on the average Sj over 1,000 meáis per year. To proI perly Üavor these would require I say 17 cents worth of Diamond ■f Crystal Salt. Thls is a trille greatn er outlay than if the other kinds U were used, but 5 ceuts would 1 more than cover the dlfference, ? andpayforthe luxuryof having Diamond Crystal Salt instead of the other kinds. But the Important thlng about it Is the flner flavor your food will have and the greater protection your health will recelve when you use tile salt that'si$ all salt. Ask your Grocer forfc DIAMOND CRYSTAI,. I f he has 3 not gotit, write to us. If you make ft butter, investígate our Dalry Salt; h there's money in It. Address jp&f Diamond Crystal Salt Co., Mi ST. CLAlk, nlCH-íL#j8 tole the Dutch Procese ÍNo Álkalies i Other Chemicals ! are used in the preparation of I.BatoKos Breakfasf Cocoa, ! which is absolutely pure and soluble. It has more than three times the strength of Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, and is far more economical, casting less than one cent a cup. It ís delicious, nourisliing, and easii.v BIOKSTED. ■ Sold by Crocers everywhere. W. Baker & Co,5 Dorchester, Mass. The best grades of Hard and Soft Coal always in stock. Bid you ever ue Coke? Goed Coke? We have it. Thnse who have used it proounced it excellent, lielter try sotne and be convinced, it is very cheap. M. STAEBLER, Phone No. 8. Office 11 W. Washington Street. RiKSEï i iumn BAVPTIV nDíSf'PllY Á(MÍ, íiIliMI AND FLOUR ANO FEEO STORE, We keftp consxynllv on hunil BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, &c. For Wholesale or Retail Trarte. W'c shall albu keep a supply oí GOLD DUST FLOUR. J. M. Swift & Oo.'b Eest White Wheat Flotir, Bye yiour, Buckwheat ïlour, Coru Moal, íed., &c, &c., Sro., At Wholesale ind Retail. A evaeraJ stock oí emooEEisa and provisioks coBStantiy on hand, which wülbc sold on UM ooable turme as at iny other hónse m the aty y-Cash pairf tor Butler, Kaps, and Comitry Produce jpöneroU. (gyGoods ÍVtivíreJ to :inv partot the tv wiih out extra charirtt. }Xítíhiiz Sc Soanolt. 5 DOLLARS PER DAY 20 Easily Made. We want man y men, woruen, boys, and girls te work forus ii fewhours daily, right itiandaround theirown homes. Th buslnow is easy.pleasant Btriotlylionorablc, nd pays betterthan anyother offered agents. You have a olear Held and no ompetitioD. Expertenoe and special ability un heoessary. No capital required, We equip you with everytbing that you need, treat you well, and help you to can. ten times ordlnary wages. Women do as well as mpn, and boys and girls m&ke goori !uy. Any ono, (jnywherc, can do the work All Buooeed who follow our plaln and sim' ple dlreotlons. Barnest work will surely hnng tob a great deal of raoney. Evorything is new vnd in great (iemand. Wrlte for our pamphlet eircular, una receive full totormatlon. No harm done if you couclude not to go on with the business. Georce Stjnscn&Co., Box 488, PORTLAND, MAINE. IMPORTANT TO ADVERTISEH.S. The cream of the country papera ia founc in Kemington'a County Seat Lists. Shrewt advertisers avail themselves of these lists, L copy of which can be had of Eemingtoi Bros., of New York & Pittsburs. 3 CURES WHUtE ALL E LSE Tails. ' B BI Bost Cuugh öyrup. Taate Good. Vee B in time. Sold by droggBtJg


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