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[OPKIClALl Council Chamber, Ami Arbor. Feb. 19ch, IS94. meeting. Called to order by Pre-s. Watts. Roll called. Quorum present. Absent- Aldf. Martin. O'Mura. Taylor- 3. The journal of the (ast se&rtion ap pro ved. PETIÍ'IONS ANJ) COMMUNICATIONS. A petitiou wa receivecl Iroin the Fcrsuson Cart & Carriage Co., asking permissian to erect a frame barn on the eouth sld ai the residence of A. P. Ferguson, about ten or fifteen feet ftoin the west property line. Aid. Wagner moved that the petitl on be referred to a special eommittee of three. Adopted.. President Watts appointed the ioliowing eomniittee : Aid. Prettyman, Wood and Manly. A petition of Ambrose Kearne.v os jidmuiLstrator of the estáte of Richard Suppel, deceased, m.akes the petition in behalf of sail estáte, that on the lst of January, 1894, Kichard Supple was in the employ of the city, asa laborer, in constructing the roain .sewer ïi.nd nnon -the rtreinises; of mann & Iaubengayer, the said Itichurd vSuppel was buried ín saicl sewer causing his deatb. The petition represents that the said Kichai-d Suppel eft surviving him Johanua Kennedy, that she was wholly dependent upon liim for support and maintenanee. Petition asks damages to wit the sum of 90,000. Aecepted and referred to sewer oomrnittee, KBPORT ÖF COJISCITTEBS. To tho Caramon Council : - Your coaTiinittee on licenses to wliom was rcferred the petition of eleven dray-men of the city% asking tliat the dray licenses be raised to $10 on single and doublé drays. Yonr eommittee hiive had ihe subject under consideration and find that ui the year 1889 the council was petitioned to have the license fixed at $3 and $5 and the ordiuance was so amended and in 1891 th-e council was asked to have the license reduced and the ordinance was amended so as to reduce the Tícense, which ordinance is now in force. Your eommittee is therefore unanimously of the opinión that tnere is no good reason why the ordinance should agoln at this time be amended, therefore recommend that the petition be denied. Respectfully submitted, ARTHTJR J. KITSON, FBANK WOOD, ï-iicense Committee. Aecepted and recommendation eurred in. i F1NANCE. To the Uommon Council: Your Committee on Finance respect'ully report tliat they have had the 'ollowing bilis under consideration and ivould recommend their allowance at suins statedSKWB.R FUNI. &.nn ArborSavings Bank, accounts assigned tliem as follows: "■liarles Weier, labor 14 gö EiuilB-ihr --.- '0 Aug-ust Jahnke, labor 2 o SVilliani Walker, labor 5 00 Julius Nimz, labor ' Henry Luce, labor J J John Krumrie, labor 15 0i Charles Krumrie, labor 16 42 Antón Spies, labor 10 .to Wm. Looker, labor 5? lolm Schatter, labor 2 & lulius Weinmanu, labor 1515 P. W. Rogéis, labor 1 A August Molkenenthien 4 80 Charles Glaser, labor 10 Kiohaad Looker, labor 5 40 Krnest Gutekuust, labor 8 10 Harry Garland, labor. J 0!j Harry Braghiri, labor la 83 August Jahr, labor. 1 áa James Wiloox, labor..-- fa 30 William .1. Wickham. labor .. b i5 Robert Leouard, labor 1 59 GotliebeLeubke, labor 8 10 Fred Luebke, labor 't Julius Betke Samuel Kalembach, labor. . . 10 Wm. Kre.tlow, labor 1 Alexander Morrison, labor .. i Daniel Morrison, labor. 7 04 Nicholas HinderlouK. labor.. i Mlchael Williams, labor 13 80 Peter Hinderloiiff, labor 2 4, John Brovvn, labor W { Frank Rothenbuecher, labor 50 Julius Schultz, labor.. 5 8r Adolph Bethka, labor 8 10 Gottlieb Finkbeiner, labor.. 40 Albert Marsh, labor 13 50 J acob Basler, labor 10 0 Frank Schulius, labor B . Andrew Lyone. labor W ühas. Bucholz, labor 0 Chrlstlari Deiterle, labor .... 4 00 James Pareons, labor o bü Patriek McCabe, labor 16 .n Jolin Hockol. labor 11 0 Michael Prieshorn, labor... 1 2.i Christopher Comiskie, labor, 4 80 Martin Adenschank. labor... 6 faü Herman Bucholz, labor i_ Charlea Weinkauf, labor 18 05 John F. Gross, labor 13 50 Gottlieb Walter, labor 9 00 August Arndt, labor -ICiO . William Colegrove, labor.... :i 5._ Gottlieb Geiser, labor - b & Georpe Fischor, labor U 95 Cari JonoskB, labor 8 8 William Dorow, labor 105 S. D, Bycraft, labor 11 8o John flolk, labor 1 '6 JohnMcAurther, labor b bl Frank Dugdale, labor IJ Albert Zemke, labor 15 7: Mlchael Welch, labor M 77 Alexander Schloup, labor. . . 12 0_ i'ii!ii'lo Walker, labor 4 ba Edward Jacobus, labor ! 80 Michael Kusterer, labor. 8 W Olristian Walz, labor last) Jacob Maurer. labor - 14 Iliirry O'Grady. labor 18 GoorseHuust,, labor 5 26 Adolph Walter, labor 7 05 Jacob Kies, labor JO 0; Gustave Walter, labor 10 8( N. J.Kline, labor U 40 JacoD MoeKlo, labor.. 10 96 Josepli Gleoser, labor 1 J Geo. Muson. labor }4 4U Rdwaid MUler, labor - 13 20 William Piske, labor 10 James MoNabb. labor ♦ 0 ChriítiauJettor, labor.. b ti Frank Cosgrovt', labor 12 81 William Howard, labor 16 45 Philip Leaver, labor 10 SU Charles Long. labor o 0 GteO. Lavere. labor 8 ' William Felske. labor . 'A 1 Adolpl) Finkneiner.labor.... 1 66 li. ).. Bucjiolz, labor Vi o Hert Bttlley, mbor 12 'J ■ .liihn Cairas, labor - 2 TU Ubai-ls Bailey, labor 11 10 Uharles Colefïrfvei labor 4 y.Q Chrleliiin La-ruii-, labor ■ "ít'i F red Wolf, labor.. ïS ('lutrie.-. Cok labor 7 50 Krank Archer, labor íi 30 Krank Wethorboe, labor 86 Willjam McQuiie, labor 5 17 Frhnk liurt, inbor 4 Uü Goorge lioeitger. labor 'i 55 Bernard Must, labor 3 11' David Tavlor, labor 7 5(1 Mlcliael KoDiiy, labor 8 10 Charles Kaab. labor -- 2 10 Ed. S. Oarr, labor 4 35 August Kelder, labor T 85 William lOiiki'iiu.n, labor s 25 Robert Millón, labor 4: William Ërdmari, labor 4 H.'i Oharles Brusb, labor 4 20 John üowus. labor í) S0 William Miluy, labor... 4 05 Paul ïessraer, labor 7 50 A, m. Carrol 1, lubor 13 2J Edward Barnett, labor 7 & Tilomas Olarken, labor 7 85 Win. Stoll, labor 8 17 August Werk, labor (I 30 'William Bird. labor 3 30 Patriek Kold, labor 4 80 Allieri tttclün, lubor .. 15 76 Albevt Schoemin, labor 7 ia Miobael Herey, labor -i 40 Fred Hiutz, lrtbor 3 10 Peter t'eterson, lubor :f vo Heniy OUMeler, lubor X 70 Lewis Wiiltz. labor 2 70 Conrad Leumuii 4 05 Charles Winkle, labor 10 511 Julins Keuter, labor ... 7 VI Christlan Allnicndingor +70 John Byrns :i 20 Solomau Armptroiiir Abraui Vorheis, horse and cart 25 UI Daniel l'arwford, horse and cavt 15 27 Total $1.18 Ü.T 1.1; 06 Farmers & Mechantes Bank, accounts aa'gned a,s foüow.s: Adolpli Feíikbeiner, labor i 70 Charlen Burt, labor 18 i Frank Ulrtch, labor 2 10 Johti Kymes 15 73 Juhn Kyan, labor 8 19 ('liarles Ssiger, labor 15 75 WalteiHogers. labor - 5 40 Johnutitutn Drafce, labor 16 2 Kred l."lrich, labor 5 70 Daniel Flynn, labor 18 I John IJurnes, laoor li 55 Charles Haas, labor n tWllllam Kayuska labor 15 22 Hiram Kil re ge, Sr., labor... 4 (5 Miehael Helnzmann, labor .. 15 15 Uottlob Finkblnder, labor a 5 Gottlieb Kugavtb. labor li 75 Herman Scheve, labor _.. ti 45 Gottlieb f-cheider, labor 0 15 Joseph Clinton, labor f.. i) 45 Antón Otr.o, labor 00 Bern hard Langer, labor 8 (K Osear Schrader, labor 10 5o August Molkentliien, labor. - B :ü Theobold Martini, labor 15 7S Lawrenee liughes, labor lö Ü5 Gottfried Schuon. labor 4 05 Charles Bucholz, labor 7 50 Herman Bueh.lz, labor..' i) 45 Charles Shnjppe,r. labor 8 10 Chas. Starks. labor 2 10 Goorge Hauesi, labor 4 00 August líoehnUe, labor 'i 70 August Behnko, labor 2 .0 Chrietian Larmee, labor 7 50 Ohrist. Ht'inzmaan, laoor 75 William F.rdmann. labor 7 5'J William Krutlow, labor 13 20 Theo. Relcheneoker, labor.... 'i 70 Herman ííblz, labor 4 so Nicholas Hiuderlong, labor, 9 45 Dan. Morrison, labor „ s 2ó Julius tíeliultz, labor 7 85 Frank Schultz, labor 8 10 Emil Rahr, labor 4 05 Charles Hausen, labor 12 Sí Johu O roas, labor 5 70 Louis Spaulding, labor 7 05 Gustave Schmitt, labor 5 70 John Kramrei, labor 8 17 David Taylor, labor 7 05 William booker, labor 7 35 Mlchael Kusterer, labor 7 05 Adolph Weimer, labor 5 22 George Boettfrer, labor 4 05 August Tesmer, labor 185 Julius Ryuter. labor 7 65 Bernhart Mast, labor 6 82 William Enkemann, labor... 8 10 Patriok Keed, labor 7 35 Charlee 1 olegrove, labor 5 li Julius Botke, labor. 8 i(3 Henrich Lenllng, labor 13 8 Daniel ('rawford, horse-cart 4 70 Total í 525 34 uto M State Savings BanK, ea laem as lonows: John Zebbg, labor 185 Henry Oltineiei-, labor 2 70 Philip Gauss, labor 4 80 C. ComlsWe, labor 1 &5 Charles Lohrke, labor 7 SO Michael Weid, labor 6 75 William Mlley, labor e 75 August Jahr, labor 123 Michael Schaible, labor 7 35 John Uaims, labore 3 00 Richard Zebbs, labor, 19 Uñ Charles Schiieider, labor, 11 40 Louis Spauldiug, labor 5 40 James wlloox, labor 2 70 August Jahnlte, labor 5 40 John Jahke, labor 20 85 Total.... í 107 58 107 58 Total amount $1827 fl" 1828 H7 Bespeetfully submitted. William Herz, Feank Wood, Finance Committee. Aid. Schairer moved that the reading of the finance i-eport be suspended and the report be aceepted and adopted, aad the clerk is hereby directed to draw orders ior the sums stated therein. Aceepted and adopted as iollows : Yeas - Aids. Schairer, Wagner, Herz, Snow, "Wood, Ferguson, Prettymnn. alanly, Krteon, Pres. Watts- 10. Nays- None. REI'ORTS OF CITY OFFICEES. Aim Arbor, Feb. 19th, 1891. To the Cammon CouncU : I hereby certiiy tliat the preseure of water on the gauge at engine house has not been less than 65 lbs. at any time si.nce Feb. 5th, the date of the last report. FREDSIPLEÏ". Chief Fire DepH Accepted and placed on file. MOTIONS AND RESOI.UTIOXS. P.y Aid. Manly : Resolved, That the on finance is hereby instructed to report at the next meeting of the eouncil. wkat funds if any, are available for the coiiistruction of a lire alarm (telegraph or telephone) systeiu. Accepted and adopted. Aid. Wood, of the finance commitmittee, made a supplementary report tliat the committee have exajuined the following bilis of John .T. Roblson ot ipl OO, and Mrs. Emma 1!. Ricketts of $25, Jor permission to cross their premises with the mam swer, 'i-ecommendlng' their allowance at sums stated . Supplementary report accepted and recommendation concurred in as follows : Yeas - Alds 8liairej', Wagner, Herz, Snow, Wood, Ferguson, PrettymaD, Manly, Kitson, Pres. Watts- 10. Nays - None. By Aid. Prettyman : ■Resolved, That the fifty-seven (ö7) plates presented to the eouncil for proval, by Aid. Manly, be npproved and paid for as per resolution Jan. 13, '94, and the same be paid lor, amoumting to $71.25, from the contingent fund. Accepted and adapted as iollows : Yeas - Aids. Schairer, Wagner, Herz, Snow, Wood, Fergnson, l'ri-t l.vman, KitHon, Pres. Watts- J. Nays - None. Aid. Mynly wac excused Erom votiBg. City Ivnglneer Key submitted U tlic councll, as requested by resolution of Peb. 5tli, 1894, specifications for the coustruction of cement wallis and street croBSlngs. Hcferred to sidewalk committee. On uiotion tlie eoinicil adionrned. City Clerk.


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