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Minister Resident and Consul General of the United States to Corea, John M. B. Sill, together with Mrs. Sill and son Joseph, started on their long journey to the opposite side of the earth last Tuesday. They went from here to Detroit, where they will spend the time until the 2Óth inst., in visiting old friends. From Detroit they will jqurney to Los Angeles, where they will spend some days with friends, leaving March i5th for San Francisco, from which port they will sail on March 2oth. They expect to reach Chemulpoo about April i2th, from whence they will travel to the interior city of Seoul, the seat of governmentof the Corean monarchy. Minister Sill having been for years an interested student of eastern peoples is delighted with the prospect of being able to carry on his studies upon their own soil and face to face with them. In the time to come we may have the pleasure of reading from his pen a history of this comparatively unknown but interesting people. Last week Mr. Sill returned from Washington whether .he had been summoned by the Secretary of State to receive his final instructions before starting for his post of duty. He spoke of his reception by the various officials in the pleasantest terms. He was much impressed with President Cleveland and said that he was a man whose personality would attract attention in any place and under any circumstances. Mr. Cleveland tried to impress upon the new minister his earnest desire that the Corean government be made to understand the sincere friendship of this government towards their own, and the wish that the relations of the two peoples may become closer and mutually advantageous. He spoke in the highest terms of his courteous treatment at the hands of Secretary of State Gresham. Found him to be easy manned and suave, very approachable and straightforward in the transaction of business, a man who empresses a stranger by i his evident power of rriind and re! serve f orce. I Assistant Secretary Edwin F.lJhl. of our own state, accompanied Mr. Sill on his official cali upon the Corean Embassy. The cali occupiI ed about one hour and the converj sation was carried on by means of !an inteipreter. The Corean Charge de Affais, the ambassador beÍ ing absent, expressed tht desire ■ that the new Arx;erican minister would be kind and patiënt toward ; the Corean people. He conversed entertainingly about his people and alluded in a humorous way to cer tain habita and customs of the Co reans which would appear surprising ! to strangers. All of the conversajtion indicated that the Coreans are i au intensely patriotic people, fully cognizant of western advancement, and anxious to grow in the direction of western civilization. An invitation to dine at the emj bassy was extended and accepted. i Dinner was served at half:past seven o'clock and the sitting continued two hours and a half. American food was served and in elegant style. A number of Americans were invited to meet Messrs. Sill and Uhl, j among whom was Private Secretary Thurber. A day or two thereafter a return cali was made by Charge de Affairs, Mr. Ye Sung Loo, Member of Legation, Mr. Ye Kune Gip, and Interpreter, Mr. Jarny. Mr. Sill was agreeably impressed with the members of the Corean legation, and carne away with a feeling of deep respect for them.


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