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The regular term reviews begin next week. The junior class will give asleighride this evening,and all who intend to go will meet in the high school building at 7:15 o'clock. Mr. L. L. Renwick, '95, who has been acting as organist in the ist Methodist church of this city, for the past year, has accepted a position with the ist Methodist church of Ypsilanti. A committee was appointed by the president of the senior class, at a meeting held last Tuesday morning, to investígate and report on the matter of having a class pin. The projected debate with the Detroit high school was attended to also, by means of a committee, who were given power to act. A very interesting programme was given by the Arena last Friday evening. The subject of the debate was: Resolved, That suffrage equal to that possessed by men should be extended to women. Messrs. Emerson and Danforth were for the affirmative, while Messrs. Bain and" Salisbury supported the negative but the decisión was finally awarded to the negative. The decorating committee fnr the junior exliihition have been appointed by the senior presidetat. The exhibition wil take place in the chapel on Friday evening, March ïóth, and many arrangements are being made to make it a success. Thefollowing are the committee: S. H. Warriner, C. H.,Woodruff, H. V. Nichols, G. A. Trowbridge, Winifred Beman, Grace Flaggj Gertrude Sunderland and Anna McOmber. At the S. C. A. meeting last Friday afternoon, the society decided to send two delegates to the convention of those interested in the Students' Volunteer movement, which will be held in Detroit the 28th of this month. The meeting today will be#led by Miss Mella Taylor; the subject being, "God's Promises," 2 Peter 1:4. Those who intended to be present are requested j to bring a promise from the Bible. The programtne of the Lyceum for this week is as follows: Quotations, High School faculty; secretary's report, E. B. Caldwell; 'Should not High School Students compose the Chapel Choir?" D. H. Trowbridge; "Should High School students be corapelled to attend Chapel?" E. C. Thurman; "The present condition of the Arena," A. A. Taylor; "The present condition of the Clio," I. W. Smoots; "The present condition of the Lyceum," V. H. Connor; "Should not the Lyceum allow ladies of the High School to join it?" VV. H. Nichols; niusic, Lyceum quartette; "Are there enough High School socials given?" E. B. Caldwell; "High School athletics," L. C. Stocking; "Should politics be discussed in the High School societies?', H. I. Weinstein; "Resolved, that there is more good derived from the study of Mathematics in the Ann ArborHigh School than.from the stddy of languages," affirmative, G. A. Trowbridge; negative, W. E. Turton; critic's report, Mr. Hoppe; general business, discussion of Roberts' Rules of Order. It will be seen from the above that the subjects are all connected with the High School in some way and being of more or less interest to all our students, a large number should be present.


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