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Mrs. Minerva Büss is visiting in Detroit. Leslie Walker returned irom Arkansas, Tuesday. Mrs. lili W. Moore is visiting her father in Adrián. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Belser and son are visiting in Detroit. Geo. L. Bulcher, of Leslie was in the city, Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Goodyear werc in Detroit, Wednesday. Arthur E. Mummery, of this city, is in Detroit on business. Hon. Edward Duffy was in Detroit Monday on business. Samuel Langsdorf, of this city, is rusticating at Zukey Lake. Mrs. Charles Binder was visiting friends in Detroit, yesterday. J. 1. Wortley, of Vpsilanti, was an Argus caller, Wednesday. Prof. and Mrs. Jacob E. Reighard were in Detroit, Wednesday. Judge E. D. Kinne has been holding court in Monroe this week. A. 13. Sanderson, of Litchfield, Mich., was in city, Wednesday. Hon. Chas. H. Kline was in Jackson on business, yesterday. Miss Lizzie Nichols, of Detroit, is visiting Mrs. Niathan Sutton, of North field. Aid. Prettyman was in Chelsea, Wednesday. S. H. Doud, of Brownhelm, O., was iri the city on Tuesday and Wednesday. E. R. Wills, of Detroit, was in the city on business, Wednesday and Thursday. E. T. McClure is in St. Joseph, Mich., snperintendmg the oj)emng of his new hotel. Jack Kenny, of the firra of Kenny ü- Quinlari, was in Detroit on business, Monday. Grant Jenkins, of the Detroit Free Press composing room, was in the city this week. Mrs. George Olp, of this city, visited Thomas A. Neat's family in Ypsilanti, Thursday. Mrs. H. P. Hammond, of :aker, has Deen visiting her son, u. . Hammond, this week. Mrs. Wetmore, of this city, is visting friends, relatives and acquaintmces in and about Jackson. Mrs. W. D. Adams and children, of this city, are spending a few days with her mother in Jackson. Miss Agnes Howard, of Jackson, spent Sunday with her grandmother, Mrs. M. Herey, of Spring street. Mr. Keefer, of Detroit, who has been visïting jas. R. Bach's fátnily, returned home Thursday evening. Herman Dietrich, of Detroit, was in the city Tuesday, looking after the new building at the University. M. S. Cook, of Dexter, who has been to $ay City for the past few days returned home Thursday evening. Mrs. W. W. Whetmore, is attending the golden wedding anniversary of ex-Regent Grosvenor at Jonesville. Miss Mary Alber and Miss Tillie Girbach, of Chelsea, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brown, of Miller avenue. Misses Nellie and Ella Richmond, of Detroit, who have been visiting Miss Emma E. Schmid, returned home Wednesday. Chas. J. N. Jacobs, with the firm of J. L. Hudson & Co., of Detroit, spent Sunday with his parents,Hon. J. T. Jacobs family. Herbert Taylor, of this city, formerly of the regular army, located in California, left for Toledo, Tuesday morning, on business. Miss Sayda Storms, of No. 10 Lawrence street, left on Wednesday morning for Chicago, to make quite an extended visit with friends. Mrs. John Wies and her brother. Torn Colburn, left Monday morning to attend the funeral of their uncle, John Colburn, in Toledo, Ohio. Mr. M. Schohl, of Toledo, O., escorted the Ann Arbor delegation to Toledo Wednesday morning, to the grand opening of the Alhambra. W. H. Gilbert and family, of Chelsea, spent Washington's birthday in this city, the guests of Chas. K. McGee's family, No. 6 Olivia avenue. Mr. George Armstrong, of Detroit, who has been visiting a few days with his mother and sister, 53 Center street, this city, returned to his home Tuesday evening. O. W. Blane, Past Grand Chief Templar of the I. O. G. T., arrived from Detroit this morning to attend the district lodge of that order at Whitmore Lake this afternoon and evening. Miss Carrie Heaton, formerly of this city, now of Sioux Falls, Dakota, is visiting the family of Rev. and Mrs. Samuel D. Breed, No. 27 East Ann street. She will enter school here soon. Mr. and Mrs. Krank I.. Woodruff, of Detroit, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Woodruff Mrs. C. H. Woodruff has ust retifrned from a two weeks' visit in Detroit. President atul Mrs. James 1. Angell, Secretary and Mrs. James H. Wade and Supt. Joseph Clark are attending the golden wedding anniversary celebration of ex-Regent E. C. Grosvenor at [ ones vi lle. Hun J. T. Jacobs, J. A. Brown, Qiiincy 'Turner. E. K. Frueanff, J. 'N. S. Koster, H. M. Wood, Major W. C. Stevens, Dr. VV. F. Breakey, Mon. Reuben Kempf and Fred C. Brown of the Times, were among the repubücan faithful who attended the Michigan Club banquet in Detroit last evening.


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