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A STRANCE CASE. ) How an Enemy was Foiied The foliowing rriiphle stafrmcnt will ne read with Intenselnterest: "loannotaesi ihounib,creepysensationthutexi.-i'(l in uiy mus, Imiids and legs. I had to rub anri ' ■■ 1 hose p.-irts until they were sore, to o i ' e in a mensure the dead (eeMnü thn' Uil possession ol them. In adcMttcm, i Ir--' n trange weakness tu my back and rtouiki .-. waist, togother withan Indeacribablo '■-' ■■■ íwüncc in my stomach. lJliysi.-i;i:iuascreeping paralysis, from whlcb, a x-us-Jinj? to their universal conclusión, thc ■ i: iviief. Once it íastens upon a persoD, tv. say, it continúes its insidious prosrn „-,:; u itreachesa vital point and the suilrn ; ai 8uch was my prospect. I liad beon aoctoriiig a year and a balf steadily, but witb no particular bemifit. wben I saw an advertisemont ot Miles' Kestorative Nervine, procured a bottleaod began using it. Marv&lous as it may scem, Viut a íew days bad passoa befo:-o i'very bit of tbat creepy feeliug liad leftnie, a.nd there has not been even the slightest indication oí its return. I now feel as woll as I ever did, and havo gainea ten pounds in weight, though 1 liad muí dowu from 170 to 137. Four others have usoa I)r. Miles' Eestorati ve Nervine on my recomenhition, and it has been as satisf actory inthcir cases as in mine."- James Kane, La Kue, O. l)r. Miles' Restorativo Nervine issold by all druggists on a positivo guarantee, or sont fiiréct by the Dr. Miles Medical Co., Rlkhart, Ind., on receipt o( price. $1 ier bottle, six bottles for iñ, express prepaid. It is íree from joiates or dangerous drugs. Sold by Druggists Everywhere. i I . s it s i g lï ff s I S ll 5 í ji i 1 i 3 Js -8 i i a s !i I í á II I i i. EEPOET OF THE 00NDITI0N OFTHE UB' & USGBASICS' MIE - AT- ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, At the close of business, July 12, 1893. RESOURCES. Loans and discounts... $267.02329 Stocks. Bonds and Mortgages, etc 87,71S 07 Overdrafts. 3,539 75 Doe from banks in reserve citics 17,362 81 One from other banks and b-.inkere, '2,069 50 rnefrom Washtenaw Co ],315 14 Fumitureand tixtures 2,000 00 CnrreBt expenses and laxes paid 25 60 Interest paid 38738 Cbeckaand cash items 3,540 27 JJiciel8 and pennies 219 48 3ld ooin 10,35000 SUver coin _ 1.983 20 U.S. and Nation! Bank Notts 13 588 00 Total .11,099 52 LIABII.ITIES. Capital stock paid in $ 50,000 00 S-nipluafund 20,000 S0 Undivided proflts 5,7$(i 08 DiTidends unpaid., 185 50 Individual deposita 99,97ü 02 Ceitiflcates of doposit 152,94859 8ring8 deposita 82,20033 Total $411,090 52 STATE OF MICHIGAN, I „„ Connty of Vashtenaw, Ss8' I, Frederick H. Belser, Cashier of the above Dumtd bank, do $olemnly swear that the above itatement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. F. H. Belser, Cashier, Correct- Attest . Ambrose Kkarney, ) W.F. Hreakey, Directors. Edward Düffy, I Subecribed and sWorn to before methis 19th day ef Joly, 1893. H. A. Williams, Notary Public. WANTED. HICKORY TIMBEE. I will pay $i2.oo per cord, cash, for strictly first quality, second growth Hickory Butts, suitable for AxeHandles, delivered at my shop . ! C. W. DICKINSON, i Ypsilanti. P. C. SCOTT, i DBAIíER IN Líiiií, Calcined Piaster, Malo, i Louisville and Portland Cements, Hair, ( eye, Mowers and Bindera and Machine Oils. Office and Warerooms in the Finnegan Blook, Detroit Street. ■ i


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