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Guilty Of Neglect

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Laxsino Feb. 20. - At 2 o'clock Monday afternoou Governor Rien anuounced that he had decided to declare vacant the offices of land commissioner, state treasurer and secretary of state. An honr later the formal order removing John C. Berry, Joseph F. Hainbitzer and John W. Jochim was filedin the office of the secretary of state und seized upon the offices. The governor's order .of removal , Mtes the various charges made against ; the three officials in connection with ! the '93 cauvass, their appearance in auswer to the charges, the hearing and the governor's decisión that. the three named had been proved guilty of the charges preferred. The order then concludes: "Therefore. by virtue of the authority vested in me by the constitution, I, John T. Rich, governor of the state of Michigan, do hereby remove yon, John W. Jochim, f rom your office of secretary of state, and yon, Joseph F. Hambitzer. trom your office of state treasurer, and yon, John T. Berry, from your office of commissioner, for gross neglect of duty, as members of the board of state canvaHsers. and said offices of secretary of state, state treasurer and couimissioner of the state land office are hereby declared vacant." Lansisg, Feb. 21. - Governor Rich has not vet appointed snccessors to Jochim, Hainbitzer and Berry. He will await the action of the supreme court as to whether the governor has the power to remove state officers. It is almost positively known tb at Washington Gardner of Albion will be secretary of state if Secretary Jochim's removal goes. Laxsing, Feb. 21.- Nearly the entire afternoon Tuesday waa occiipied in the suprerne court in arguments upon the application of Qovernor Rich for a ïnanilamns to compel the state board of canvassers to convene and recanvass the 1891 vote on the salaries amendment. Edward Cahill, ex-justiceof the sapreme court, and Harrison Geer appeared for the governor, and J. P. Lee for the board, while Otto Kirchner of Detroit appeared as special counsel for Attorney General Ellis in an attempt to prevent the issuance of the writ, as it would result in a defeat of the amendment and require a return by Ellis of 5,000 in salary. The court took the case under advisement and announced it would come oh again on Tuesday next. An opinión is expected at that time.


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