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Agnes Herndon

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ah peopie have hobbies. Agnes Herndon, who plays here Feb. 2Óth, has a peculiar one, that of ordering duplicates of every pretty pair of shoes she sees, and an exchange who sent a reporter to interview her the other day, relates how he found her maid busy preparing her costumes for the evening's performance. The aforesaid maid was well up in her business, and particularly in that priceless gift for a maid - namely, silence when asked regarding things which should not interest strangers. The maid wore a smile on her face and had a dainty bronze shoe in her hand, and the dressing room was a complete shoe store, a large trunk having just been emptied. "Does Miss Herndon wear all these in the play tonight?" was asked. "Heaven forbid," said the maid. "She only wears four pairs, and one pair is particularly lovely. See!" and she held up a pair - a delicate suede pink, low cut shoes. "These," she said, "are made especially to suif the pink Greek robe." "What does Miss Herndon do with so many?" was asked. "Just keeps them - it's her hobby." "Do you keep any of the shoes, I mean - " And then the maid said "shew," - and he "shewed." One hundred and forty-one pairs of shoes for one woman at one time. Now, if it had been bonnets - well-


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