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A Result Of Magazine Reading

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Mr. S. D. Allen, ot Kast Washington street, was recently reading an article in the New England magazine on building stone and granite. The article was illustrated by the cuts of various buildings, among thetu being the new Erie County Savings Bank, of Buffalo, N. Y., which cost half a million dollars. This recalled the fact to Mr.Allen's mind that thirty-eight years ago, when a resident of Buffalo, N. Y., he had an account with this bank. He wrote to the bank to know how his account stood. They replied that there awaited him there the sum of $23.73. Alien hunted up his oíd bank book which showed that on May 8, 1863, he had on deposit a balance of $4.60.. On that date the book also showed an additional deposit of L200, with no record of anything checked out of it. He wrote them that he had no recollection of drawing out any of the $200 and wished to see the vouchers. Yesterday Mr. Alien received, through the State Savings bank $23.73, tne #4-6o and interest, but has not yet received the $200 or the vouchers for it. That amount yet remains in question.


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