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An Interesting Meeting Of The Woman's League

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The Woman's league held their usual monthly meeting on Saturday, Feb. 24, at McMillan hall. Miss King, professor of history, of the Ypsilanti Normal school, gave a most interesting paper on the "Fettered Soul." She described Vedder's picture of the Sleeping Psyche fettered with silken bands, and compared these fetters to the "circumstances" which girls and women so often malee as an excuse for inactivity. She said, were Psyche but to awake, she could see how easily she might free herself, and she called upon the girls to open their eyes and to recognize that these very circumstances which they deplored were as nothing. Habit, rather than' circumstances, makes the character and knowledge should free habit by giving ideas. Girls can find in their homes, no matter h,ow limited, a field for their work, and all the great questions of sociology and economics can be better worked out in them than elsewhere. Mrs. Angelí then gave a very satisfactory talk on the "Duties of Hostess and Guest." She advised all who entertain, never to attempt to do more than is consistent with their usual mode of living and to always remember that a guest is most sensitive to any nervousness on the part of the hostess. A guest should always bear in mind that she is invited to entertain as well as to be entertained, and that her duty is to help her hostess. After Mrs. Angelí had finished her remarks she requested that questions should be asked her. Amongst these were some concerning answers to invitations. She feit that no invitation should go unanswered. Such invitations as are written demand a like written response and such as are on cards, for less formal affairs, require cards in return unless the recipiënt aCcepts by attending, A social gathering in the lower hall completed this very profitablc and pleasant meeting.


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